Sunday, June 4, 2017

Angels on Earth

Natalie Breinholt will be someone I forever remember. Not only is she a really down to earth fun person to be around, but she is the kind of mom/person I strive to be like. She is so service oriented and thoughtful. I along with a bunch of people in our ward have been blessed several times by her kindness but I wanted to make sure I documented this one particular act. A little back story first. Last year Parker did scout camp and it was pretty lame and boring. So when it was time to sign up this year, I didn't think it was ultra important that he go. So we didn't sign him up. Now for the bigger reason of why we didn't sign him up... we don't have a lot of spare cash right not because things are tight. We have had several unexpected expenses, which seems to be the theme for our life. By no means can we not afford it. We still spend money on trips and other things just like everyone else. It is just sadly not on our priority list right now. And 75 dollars did not seem like a good idea to spend for him for 3 days. So we didn't sign him up which I didn't think was a big deal. People kept hounding on why I wasn't sending him if we were going to be in town. Then I get a text from Natalie asking the same question. At first, I'll be honest when I saw the text I felt a little annoyed that I had to explain myself to another person. Little did I know she was just being the angel that she is. She told me that she wanted to pay for Parker to go. She mentioned that this particular camp Herd Pueblo is awesome and every little boy should be able to go. She told me that someone did this for her when her oldest needed to go to camp. Of course I tried to talk her out of it. How could I let her pay, its not like we didn't have them money. Things are just tight. If you know anything about Natalie, its that she doesn't take no for an answer. She went on to tell me that she has been doing a 40 days of service to help her celebrate turning 40 this month. She prays every morning to know who she can serve that day. She told me that morning Parker's name came to her mind. Right away the spirit overwhelmed me and I started bawling. This made things a little weird because I was in the middle of watching kids at the daycare at the gym and I was a hot mess. She is incredible and I will always remember this. I tried to tell her that we would pay her back once things weren't as tight but of course she resisted saying that it wouldn't be service if I did. She just told me to pay it forward in 10 years! I'm so grateful for her example!

Friday, June 2, 2017


Nothing makes me happier then when the kids are do stuff together and I walk in on their cuteness. Kennidi decided to have a reading party in her bed. Even though it was past time, I had to let this one slide.
Parker has been begging to sleep in Sawyer's bed every night now that they share a room. I love the bond these two have.
Kennidi with her cute friend Harley.
Kennidi is at it again!

This boy loves accessories. Right now he always has a hair tie on his wrist. It was so cute, one time I was trying to get out of the house and he said one second and ran into my bathroom to grab a hair tie. It was pretty adorable. He was even putting them on his fingers but I put an end to that one. He loves hats, shoes really anything to add to his outfit.

My sweet Sauce woke up early from a nap and came a napped with me. Trying to soak up as much time as I can with my baby.
I knew his big belly would be helpful for something. He is officially the best floater in our family. It was hilarious, he just started doing this out of no where. He would float so effortlessly for minutes.
Sawyer loves Adalie so much. Best friends!

6th Annual Desert with the Smiths

One of our favorite traditions. Feels like yesterday we were just a couple of care free newlyweds pulling all nighters playing Skip Bo and watching 24. A lot has changed, but I've loved watching our kids grow up together. Just pretend Parker is in the empty chair. He was actually at the Diamondback game with his team.
On our mini hike.
Sawyer really wanted his picture taken. I will miss this cute age so much.

New Roomie

Let the fun begin!! Even the move in was fun for these kids. It will be a non stop party having her here. Too bad she works literally all the time with her 2 jobs, but when she is home we love having her around!

Of course her first weekend with us she had to go out and spoil the kids rotten. They all got new hats  even Parker got one later. These kids are the luckiest!

I Hate Goodbyes

These two are officially gone on their 3rd mission. Via Hermosa Temple mission is so lucky to have them. These two had baseball games on the night they got set apart so they said their goodbyes before.
The other half of our family.
Going to miss them so much. My mom and her tireless efforts to teach lessons that are nearly impossible for anyone to hear because of all the kids. She still does them though. She is amazing and she cares so much about teaching our huge family.

The Army Continued

With our back to back trips. Once again are family was pretty amazing to watch our kids. Mom Adamson watched the boys while the other kids were at school. Of course they started the fun with snow cones.
Sadly, I missed "family day" but my friend Angie stepped in and helped Pierce feel special.
The kids had the best weekend with Mom and Dad. It was there last weekend before they left on their mission. I felt bad that it ended up that weekend but at the same time, I'm glad they got to spend a lot of time with them before they left.
Aunt Marissa and her story telling is always a favorite. My kids will love having her living with us for the next 3 months.