Thursday, April 6, 2017

Big Game

Parker started baseball with the American Little League. We are loving it so much! It is so entertaining to watch. His first game was a doozy. They were getting killed 12-3. Then they started rallying and came back. It was 12 to 12 with 2 outs and Parker was up to bat and he had the best hit he ever had and won the game. It was amazing! I had so much adrenaline pumping in me. I was so proud!


Early morning zoo trip. Marissa and Mom joined us and we had a great time.


We had quite the night of running around Gilbert and tracking down these fancy garage shelves. The little boys thought it was pretty fun not having to be in their car seat.
After months of waiting for this dumb trampoline net, we finally have a tramp again!
His new way of sleeping.
Went and celebrated Tiffany turning 30. We went to Diego Pops and it was delicious.
After going to a random psychic which was hilarious we stopped at shake shack for dessert. This random guy said he was this top notch photographer and was very intent on getting the best picture. It was pretty funny and weird.
Sawyer loves all things babies. Even purses to match.
He loves these twins. He is such a great helper.
Kennidi showing her skills
Feeding the ducks is always a favorite with this crowd.


There are a lot of things I will miss about babies but potty training is not one of them. This boy has been ready for awhile to potty train. He started peeing in the toilet in December but I knew we had to wait to Christmas and vacations were over to start. All of the kids were pretty great at potty training. But Sauce takes the take. I think he only had like 4 poop accidents. He was amazing. After about a week or so he didn't need pull ups at night or during nap. He is such a big boy!!

New's Years in St. George

The Daniel's invited us to their parents house in St. George for New Years. We headed up a day early to play in the snow at Brian Head. We had so much fun. They had the best tubing hill. Mike and I took turns going with the older kids. This place awesome! 

Sawyer was exhausted and he crashed on me. I love when he cuddles me.
Celebrating New Years with the Daniels was top notch. Yummy food plus karaoke is always a solid combo.  
Testing out our new karaoke machine
Rookie partiers
Red Rocks

We stopped in Vegas over night on our way home for the M & M factory.


We had a great Christmas this year. The nativity at Grandma Adamson's is always a little chaotic with all the kids running around but it is a favorite.
Carroling in the back of the truck is always a blast.

This year we had the kids each pick out a toy and then we took those toys to the Children's Hospital. Brittany took us on a tour and showed us the toy closet. It was amazing. Every time the kids have a procedure done they get to pick something out. Such a great idea! I loved how excited the kids were to give these presents away.
Christmas Eve we had the kids do their secret santas.

This thug gang rules our street and I just love them and watching them all play outside is my favorite.