Friday, March 31, 2017

Born Performer

Mark my words.. Pierce belongs on stage somewhere in the future. He has so much personality and loves to sing and dance. He is a complete natural performer. I love watching him! 

Ms. Martin has been the perfect teacher for his Kindergarten year. We love her!

Christmas Performance

Linkin rocked is part in his Christmas performance. He was so cute and loud. He loved performing in front of his siblings.
We finally got around to teaching Linkin to ride his bike that he got for his birthday 5 months earlier. Now that he learned, he goes no where with out his bike.

Spring Break

We had nice relaxing Spring Break at home this year. Our April is nuts, so we stayed home. It was actually a lot of fun. I wanted to take advantage of our POGO passes, so we did just that. We went to Enchanted Island. This place was perfect especially for the younger kids. The older kids loved riding the small rides with them. Dad met up with us and we went to lunch, it was a really fun day.

 We went and saw Beauty and the Beast one of the days and it was a modern day miracle. ALL of our kids sat through the entire movie. It was AMAZING!! This new stage of life is pretty cool. Love when we do fun stuff together as a family.
 We also went swimming a lot and even went to the Idea Museum, which the kids loved. It was a great break! Our last item of business, we went to the zoo with the Adamson's. The splash pad was a hit!


We bought an entertainment unit from IKEA and I thought it would make it look more like built in if he ship lapped the part where the TV went. Thankfully Mike said we should just do the whole wall which is ultimately 20 times better an idea. We are on a tight budget these days so I figured we couldn't but it really wasn't that much more.

Final product. I love the way everything turned out!!

Random pic of my hair, but Becca out did her self and this needed to be documented.

Kindergarten Zoo and School

Mike has always been and always be a very hands on, supportive dad. He loves to go on whatever field trips he can.  When Angie sent me this picture, I started to realize why:)

These boys love coming and supporting Kennidi. They always sit on her lap and right next to her and love to be a part or her class. It pretty darn cute.


Ever since day one, this kid is on a mission to grow up as fast as humanly possible. He does everything at a rapid pace. He is obsessed with Kennidi's scooter, not the little kid one we have, but hers. His little knee up is pretty much my favorite thing ever! 

Cabin for Dad's 60th

We had a fun trip up to the cabin with the Adamsons. We celebrated Dad's 60th birthday. We went to a church and played pickleball, Dad's favorite game. It was a cold weekend so we spent most of the time inside, but we played games and kept busy.
Parker decided that he was going to play surgeon on the twins. So funny the things these kids come up with.
Our family is complete, but I we need to borrow a baby every now and then because this kids love of babies runs deep.

King of Dirty Looks

Linkin is without a doubt the King of all dirty looks. I can't get over how cute he looks with his big brown eyes, even if they are glaring at me. Linkin has what we like to call an emotion temper. He never acts out but when he gets mad, he lets you know exactly what he is thinking. Mike got the most hilarious video of him telling him he was going to dump cold/hot water on him. It is classic. He especially gets offended if Mike gets him in trouble. Mike is his idol right now and when he gets mad at Linkin ( which is never) cause they are best buddies, Linkin takes it very personal.

Baptism Day

Mackenzie was nice enough to take these beautiful pictures of Kennidi for her special day. They all turned out amazing. Love them all! I love her dress. I scored majorly at Last Chance a year ago. When I saw it, especially the price tag(10 bucks) I knew I couldn't pass it up. I was just crossing my fingers that it would fit her in a year and it did. She looked absolutely beautiful!!

Such a special day for Kennidi. She has such a sweet testimony and a love for the Book of Mormon. My heart exploded when she told me earlier this week, " I seriously love the Book of Mormon!" Watching her especially these last couple weeks faithfully read, reminds me that I need to step up my game. Grateful for example. I love this girl so much!

I love the realationship these two have. They are best friends and love to tease each other a lot.

Melissa let me borrow her d├ęcor again but I think I am swearing off this much table clothes for a baptism. Too much laundry! It sure looks pretty though.

This sight pretty much melted by mom heart away. I lucked out big time to have such amazing kids.

Thursday, March 30, 2017


Kailyn and Austin were so nice and took Parker to a Suns Game. He loved it!
Blue and Gold Hawaii themed cake made by Parker and I.
Crush found some leftover Valentines Day red velvet and went to town.

Sushi and Girl Talk

Nothing beats a night of yummy sushi and good friends. Best combo!

Joy school Field Trips

We took the kids the Pet shop by Costco and I tell you what, this place was adorable. Decorated to perfection. They had a doggy salon and hotel inside. It was pretty legit.
Linkin testing out the doggy bath.
Next up, Fry's Groceries. Always a classic.