Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Duo

These two... No words. Sawyers loves to copy everything that Linkin does.
Sawyers new thing when he gets upset. He loves to fold his arms and pout, a lot of times he runs to the corner. Pretty much the cutest thing!
This is Linkin taking a pics of the sauce. We have many hard battles with Sawyer and my phone. He loves to take hundreds of pictures and videos which drives me insane because I hate deleting them. His specialty is photo hurts.
The continuation of his fit.

Lake Days Every Day

The Lebbarons took us out on their boat for date night and it was amazing. 
They showed us the ropes of couples surfing. It was so hard but at least we got up. We couldn't stay up long. Emily and Kyle are pretty much pros and she can climb up him and sit on his shoulders. Mark my words.... I will be doing that someday. Probably not. But I really want to.
Not up long at all.
The next week we had the annual Adamson lake trip. It was really fun being there with the kids, they loved it! Except Linkin wasn't a fan of the tube.

All the kids had pretty impressive moves on the tube.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Joy School

My Linkster started Joy school. He wasn't too sure what it was but he was excited. I think he will do really well in school. However, I had it for the first week, and 
 he had a major meltdown when he didn't get the green name mat.  He's pretty particular this one. He's definitely got some quirks to him. I sure love him, and he has always been the best listener. Very obedient!
His cute class. We have a great group of kids this year, which is lucky cuz I didn't know 2 of the moms going in this year.

Idaho Again

I didn't think it was possible but Mike talked me into driving back up to Idaho four weeks later. I'm glad he did because we had a lot of fun with just the older kids. It's nice to get a break and focus in these fun kids. The little guys stayed with Grandma and Marissa. They would be HATED how quick we did this trip. Meaning we spent a lot of time in the car with hardly any breaks. The kids did great, thanks to their kindle!!
The reason we went up again was for Grandma's birthday celebration and their 60th wedding anniversary. They had so many fun activities.

We met up with Spencer and he showed us this really cool river with a diving board and slide. The water was freezing but we all jumped off at least once.
We played tennis both mornings which was such a blast.
Our family got straight up gangsta for the competitions.
They had so many great games. A couple of my favorites were Mingle Mingle, the cup game, categories, heads or tails, human tic tac toe just to name a few. They did a really good job.
This one was pretty hilarious too. 
Skits that evening. Pierce loved being the bad guy in this skit.
Birthday girls.
Best cousin friends
The whole group who came from our family.
While we were away, no doubt these two were spoiled rotten and had the best time.

Legendary Bachelorette Finale

Decided to take things to the next level for the finale. My original plan was to wear my red prom dress because it screams bachelorette. It would zip up all the way and I told Katherine and she said she didn't have her prom dress but she had her wedding dress. Well this just made more sense. We wanted to try and steal Jojos thunder. It was ultra tight and a few buttons wouldn't button but it fit!!!! I was pretty excited about that.
My partner in crime.
Such a fun night! Angie outdid herself this time.

Full Blown Monsoon on the River

We went down the river with the Smiths for date night and about 10 left before we got off we were hit by a MONSOON! It was amazing and hilarious. I love it so much. Didn't cross my mind that we could get hit by lightning cause it was so fun. Definitely an adventure!! One of my favorite trips down the river. After we went to Pita Jungle even though we were all still soaking wet. It's always a good catching up with our oldest friends!
Right before the storm

School is in Session!!

These three cuties were more then ready for school.  
I was so happy and excited for all of their teachers, long story behind that one. It's going to be a great year for these three!!

My favorite little boy is off to school now. He has been waiting for this day for a while, so while I miss him helping me keep the peace at home. I'm really excited for him.
Ladies man from the start.
All lined up and ready to go.
Kennidi and her cute friends.

One Last Horray Before School

We headed up to the cabin for one last party before school started. Two of my favorites plus their families was the perfect weekend getaway. We did make up, rhino rides, played games and all of our kids got along great. Same with the husbands. Win win in my book!!

Had a little fun with our photo shoot.


Mackenzie's Best B Day Yet

I wanted to make sure I did something special for Kenzie's 30th birthday. She is pretty much the hardest person in the world to plan something for, gotta love her! I ended up thinking she would just want her close friends going to dinner and watching a chick flick (her favorite). Dinner was awesome! The movie, not so much. I heard it was the best ever from my buddy Katherine. Let's just say it wasn't the happy yah let's celebrate your life and turning 30. Hahaha it was actually pretty funny, cuz the movie was ultra depressing and Kenzie leans over to me during the movie and tells me that if he dies at the end of the movie, we are no longer friends. Welp that's what happend. Everyone was all crying, it was the perfect way to end such a wild and crazy night😉.
Side note. This is at Milo's party. I love that these two boys are becoming such good friends!