Sunday, July 17, 2016

Family Fun

The three older kids and I went to Skateland for their first time. It was a blast. It brought back so many good memories to me. The kids did awesome. Parker of course was bound and determined to not have to use helper thing. He feel a lot but he kept improving the whole time we were there. 
One of our favorite traditions. LOVE Chick Fila!!
We went to Feed My Starving Children thanks to Emily setting it up. It was a awesome experience! I loved being able to serve with my kids. They all said they felt really good helping kids that needed food. We will definitely be going back.
The whole crew

Not pictured is when we went to Sunsplash.  Mike and I went with the 3 kids and it was pretty much the best day ever. The kids loved it! We went on every ride possible. They were all so brave. Kennidi and Parker even went on the scariest ride in the park. Most older kids wouldn't even do it. Pierce would have loved to but the height requirement had him really sad for a couple of the rides. We took a break at dinner time and went to Red Robin. It was delicious and nice to take a good break. Then we headed back to almost close. It was such a fun day!

Pierce Lost 1st Tooth

Dr Parker did it again! He pulled out Pierce's first tooth. Once again I wasn't in the room to witness this. This kids got a serious talent. Both Kennidi and Pierce said it didn't hurt at all. Pierce was sooo excited to loose his first tooth. 
I love this happy teeth my smile!!

Idaho Road Trippin

Our big road trip! First stop, St. George. Mom, Dad, Marissa, Tiffany and her girls came with us and had doughnuts at the splash pad. 
Exploring the red rocks is always so much fun. Linkin and Sawyer loved roaming around, climbing on rocks.
We hiked up to the Mt. Timpanogis caves. It was quite the hike for our young family. The kids did awesome. It's very steep up to the caves.
The caves were super cold but really cool
Braden's family and Krisiti came with us.
Oh Bear lake I love you for your beauty but even more for your shakes and fries that I devoure every time we come.
This boy loved the lake and copying his siblings is his new thing. Once he saw them snorkeling, he had to get in on that action.
Link loved chasing seagulls and feeding them all of our food.
Pierce was our mud thrower. He loved building sand castles.
Kennidi was little miss Dolphin. She was on this a majority of the time.
Parker loved snorkeling. It was freezing, but that didn't stop him.
The fabulous five.
We had a lot of fun playing Life with the kids late at night.
These slides were right behind our camp. The kids had so much fun on these.
They added a lot of fun things, including life size checkers.
Sawyer isn't cut out for the country life. Pretty much the sweetest picture ever. Last stop was Grandpa buds farm.
Parker helped mow Grandpa and Grandmas lawn.
These kids have so much fun with their cousins when we visit.
Night games

Markos met us up at the temple to be our tour guide. It's always fun seeing him. Our first time taking the kids was fun! Mike had to see every little thing, which with kids is too much. But it was a fun day!
Sooo pretty!!
Had fun pit stopping at Braden's new house. The were excellent hosts!
Quick stop in Vegas on the way home. I always feel so weird with all of our kids walking in the casino. We look a little out of place. Side story, Mike couldn't enjoy much in Vegas cuz he was convinced Sawyer got a brain eating disease from Bear Lake because he had a fever. It was sweet to see him worry so much but no Sawyer did not catch that disease. All in All it was such a fun road trip with our family!! Great memories were made!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Number 1 Dad

There is only one person who can endure this 24/7 and its this guy!! These kids have no idea how much they hit the jack pot with their dad.  Honestly I've never met someone who loved doing everything with their kids like this guy. He is constantly wanting to be with them. He never goes on an errand alone.  He is so much fun and dedicated to our family. We love him so much!!
Just hanging with boys watching ninja warrior. I'm not a jealous person but it would be nice if our kids fought over who could sit by me😢☺️

Bath Time

These two and their bath time. That are wild. They take turns sliding down the bath, it's pretty funny.

Just because he's soooo cute!!! I love his cute little face!

My Creative Link

I love this little boy and it so fun seeing him get creative. He loves dinosaurs and it so cute watching him play with them.
It was so funny, yesterday him and Sawyer were playing sword fights and he real close to face as serious as could be and says, " If you don't give me your phone, I'm going to hit you with a sword, hit you real hard." I about died, it was so funny!