Friday, June 24, 2016

I'm growing up

I'm officially a foodie and I love trying new foods. Never thought those words would come from my mouth. I love sushi and we had a girls night at Temari and it was delish. Soooo good! I can't wait to take Mike there now. Love my ward!!
Love Becca and her magic fingers that make my hair look oh sooo fresh.
I conquered this wall. It took a while but I love it. Pretty much all my walls are empty upstairs and this corner just adds so much. Its a compilation of all of our family pics over the years. It's my favorite wall in the house!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Crazy Air

Marissa is the absolute best aunt to these kids. She loves spending time with them and spoiling them rotten. She had a day off work so we spent the day with her. We went swimming and then she took us to Flip Side. We had such a fun time. The kids just loved it. 
It felt so good, just like the old days. I was tumbling all over the place and loved it. My bladder is definitely not the same post 5 kids but I've still got my moves and it felt awesome.
The boys played dodgeball most of the time. It's really funny to see Pierce hang with all the old kids. He definitely doesn't realize he's 5. He has grown up so fast.

Swim Lessons

This was Linkin's very first year of swim lessons and we were nervous for how he was going to do. The first day was weirdly perfect, no tears and he loved it. Not so much the second and third day. He cried a lot of the lessons. The next day he would say he wouldn't cry but he couldn't help it. On the 4th day he started loving it again. 
Pierce did awesome in level 2
Parker was suppose to do dive but I accidentally signed him up for the wrong pool, he loved level 5 though.
Because of my mix up this little fish had to do level 5 instead of 4. She pulled it off. It was tough for her but she did awesome!!
It was so much more fun seeing him happy!!
This little tank was suprisingly awesome. I figured he would be running around trying to get into the pool. Nope he just sat by me and played nicely around me.

Camping Season is Upon Us

Camping season has begun and it is glorious!! This was our best year yet, in the sense where we didn't have babies crawling or just barely learning to walk.  It's only getting easier and easier from here on out. We went with the Adamson crew and it was a great time like usual.
Nothing says camping like grubby little hands, dirt covered faces and a good old fashion nose pick.
Hike to the lake
The kids love "crawkadad" fishing.

Summmer Shananagins

I'm Ava Tait usually puts on some type of camp and Kennidi just loves them. They are always so cute. This year they learned a dance to one of Taylor Swifts songs.
The kids love riding their bikes to the park while I drive with the little boys. It's pretty sad how old these kids are getting.
Linkin loves Adale. They are good friends and it was pretty much the cutest thing when they kept holding hands at our house.❤️❤️
It's so funny watching Sawyer run around like a tornado putting his face in the water.
These two made their selves right at home on our new camping chairs. I think it's safe to say that we love these chairs!
Free smoothie with flip flops night. Mike always makes sure the kids have fun together while I'm at work.
These two love each other and love dressing up like twins. 
Parker is so lucky to have so many boys his age in our ward.
Having fun with his buddy Garrett.
Savannah and Kennidi are super creative together, they made these masks at her house.
Summer movies with our cousins. I get to watch about half the movie with the sauce running in and out every 5 seconds. Next year is my year, that I will get to fully enjoy the movies.

Mike's B Day Wish

Mike only had one request this year and it was to go to the D Backs game with his family. He is the ultimate family man.  It was a lot of fun, we took only the older three and we went to Liberty Market for dinner. Then we headed to the game where we met up with the Daniels. It was really fun enjoying the older kids and not having to focus all our attention on the younger boys. He was a great day for Mike. Can't believe he's 33.
Me and my girl getting our pre game poses ready.