Friday, May 27, 2016

Monster of the Year Award

Oh boy. Let's just say the 1st week of school had me wondering if Sawyer was going to survive the whole summer. He's always been very busy but on the first day of summer he started being busy and so rotten. I woke up to my kitchen flooded with water. All over my wood floors. He had climbed up on the counter and filled up a pot of water and just kept the water on😱. He attempted that a few more times that day.  The next morning I made sure to listen for water to make sure he wasn't doing to again. I didn't hear anything so I thought I was on the clear but yet again my floors were covered in water😡. He had pushed the high stool over to the fridge and was pushing the water button. This kid!!! No to mention, I can never leave him alone in my bathroom cuz he demolishes all of my make up. He seems to be constantly destroying something.

Linkin the first week of summer was trying to get money out of Mike's jar and it dropped and smashed all over the floor. On a funny side note, Linkin is obsessed with money and he has taken a lot of change of Mike's and hid it in his backpack. So whenever he loves Mike, which is always he says, "Dad, I like you. I'm going to give you your money back." It's pretty cute. Whenever he is mad because Mike talked sturnly to him. He says I'm not going to give you your money back anymore. It's hilarious. He says either one of those a couple times a day.
During the hard first week, one day for nap he woke up extra early and he actually cuddled me and went back to sleep. It was exactly what I needed. I needed to love on my sweet baby who had been driving me insane.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Our 1st Lemonade stand

The first day of summer the kids talked me into doing our first lemonade stand. I'm sure it won't be the last. The kids all loved it. Kennidi made the cute sign. Parker was in charge of splitting up the money and Pierce was the cutest sign flipper there ever was. I had to make sure to rotate jobs so everyone got at chance at everything. Got to love my even Steven kids. People were so nice. Our first customer was a young 20 something and he gave the kids a 5 and said keep the change. It made their day. Everyone was so kind.  They made at grand total of $18 which was awesome for only being out there an hour and a half. We were told it was indeed the World's best lemonade!!

School is out!!

My favorite neighborhood tradition. Kim rents out a bunch of these water slides and we all pitch in. It's kid heaven and they all have so much fun! Next year I need to get better pics of all the kids. I captured Parker and Pierce having the best time.


We are sooo proud of these two. They got citizenship awards and they both were top readers in their class for AR. Parker read over 2 million words and I have no doubt that Kennidi will follow in his footsteps next year. Lucky to have such smart kind kids!!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Cutest Little Ophan, Talent Show

When little miss K came home from school and told me she wanted to try out for the talent show, my first thought was to push it aside and hope she forgot. Because I had no idea what she wanted to do and it was the end of the year craziness. The more I thought about it, I was proud and excited that my shy Kennidi wanted to do something like this. I knew I couldn't think of a cute dance on my own in time. I immediately thought of Zoe doing it with her and Jill and all her expertise. It was marvelous!! Jill randomly thought of Hard Knock Life. I loved the idea, because I did the same thing with my friends when I was her age. Also this song is more character then technique. Which was perfect!! These girls made the tryouts which was awesome because they had to cut more then half the people that tried out. They did awesome in the show. It was pretty dang adorable!

Kennidi's fan club
Tough rough cute girl
Throw back to my talent show. Those were the days!!!
I loved that the kids were interested in my childhood, even though K called my prom date creepy and fake looking😂

All Things Parker

This boy is so funny. He will wake up so early so he can get all of his chores and other things done. One morning I walked in on this. He must've started and fell asleep😂. Oh and he insists on wearing his clothes for the next day to bed to ace on time in the morning. He is something else.
This is how he signed his name on his year book, I thought it was pretty darn cute.
Mathletes yet again. He was continuously the top three in his grade. Soo smart.
He got to be in charge of color guard at scouts and he did amazing!!

Link is Three

My Link is 3. Lover of Oreos and dinosaurs. Fun loving, smart and always has us laughing. Obsessed over Dad and hoarding things in his bed and back pack. We love little boy so much and so happy he's ours.
I love that the kids, without me prompting them, want to get each other birthday gifts. The hugs are the best too!
A Green bike for Linkin, his absolute favorite color.
We had quite the dinosaur party for him and his buddies.
He loved his cake!
Cutest friends
Kennidi stayed home to help, and boy am I glad she did. She was in charge of the games and making sure everyone was happy. I just sat back and relaxed. Parker really wanted to stay too but in the end, he couldn't come to terms with missing out on PE😂
Celebrating at Grandma Adamsons. I love when he does this shy, happy face.
He is the best!!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Crush Rides

When I found out our beloved turtle was worth 500 dollars I have to admit, I was tempted to sell her. Especially when she bit Kennidi's finger and cracked her nail. But alas she is our family pet and these title rides that the boys got was pretty dang cute, so we will keep her for awhile atleast😉. 

Finally Rock

I don't think anyone could be as happy as I am about a huge pile of rock (14 ton). We scrimped and saved for 6 months and got out of some debt that we were getting into. Finally we were able to get rock and finish our backyard. No more mud🎉🎉!!
Grandpa and Marissa saved the day when they came over and spent all morning helping us. The kids loved "helping" too.
Taking a break form serious hard work.
We are almost finished now and it is looking awesome!!

End of an Era

Sawyers first day of nursery. So many mixed emotions. In some ways I've been waiting for this glorious day for a lifetime. On the other hand, this only confirms that my baby is growing up and there is nothing I can do to stop this sad process. He was a champ and did t cry at all. I'm sure it helps that his best bud Linkin is in there. Definitely a end to era for our family. I know Mike will miss his excuse to be out in the halls.

Muffins for Mom

My whole world. Luckiest Mom!
I love going to Muffins for Mom with these 5. They always know how to party!
Kennidi and Parker loved showing off their babies at school.
I got spoiled with love letters, pictures, coupons, frames, gift card to Nordstrom Rack. I felt very loved by my sweet family!
My favorite thing is when everyone plays nice. Especially my favorite game!

We have a graduate

Pierce had the cutest preschool graduation. They sang a bunch of cute songs and showed off all they had learned.
Pierce and his best bud act. These two are awesome together! They play soo good and they just love each other. 

We loved having Miss Michelle. Not only is she amazing and does the cutest things for the kids, you can tell she genuinely loves her kids. Oh and I love that she's a few houses down. We are soo lucky!!
So proud of Pierce. He is such a responsibile boy and he learns things so easy. He is more the ready and excited for Kindergarten. I will miss my sweet boy at home but I'm excited for him.

Mexico Triathlon

About 6 months ago, Mike planned out this Triathilon. I was really excited to try out something I've never done before. The original plan was that the girls do the Sprint and the boys do the Olympic. Well as it got closer people started to bail but I'm proud to say we stuck with it. In the end the Paynes ran the 5 K together. I'm still so happy that this group came. These couples are so much fun. We laughed pretty much the whole weekend and also had so deep interesting conversations. The Paynes brought their angel baby because she's still nursing. Which honestly didn't change up the trip at all because she never made a peep. She is the perfect baby!!
First stop, Tacos of course.

Morning of our race. We both role up pretty earlier because we were so nervous and excited. 
I did it!!! I trained well and it payed off. I knew that I could do it because I had trained doing my full bike and run back to back a couple times. But it felt so awesome to accomplish this.
Due to the crazy wind they had to switch up swim, which ended up being harder. I wish it would have been normal and I felt bad for Mike who had to do a lot more swim training. They had us run down the beach the run into the water, waist deep, the run in the water. Few people swam instead of run but it was faster to run. The hardest part for me was for sure the bike. I was feeling awesome for the first 4 miles and I was going faster then ever because of the wind. Then we had to turn around and go up the long street we just came down  only now it was full fledge in the wind. It was sooo hard. I remember standing and pumpkins my bike and barely moving. Also I had a mountain bike so it didn't help with 50 year old women would zoom by me. I decide my goal at this point was not to stop and get off my bike. Also there was this little blonde girl that look a little younger then me that was riding a mountain bike. My goal was to stay by her. I ended up passing her on the run, which felt amazing because I'm not typically a competitor in anyway fitness wise. But i did it!!!
When I was struggling on the bike, all I could think of was Mike is going to die because he had to do the loop 2 more times. Melissa and I went to cheer him on at his exchange, which he pretended like we weren't related. He seriously didn't even look up or acknowledged my cheering. It was a tad awkward but I could tell he was purely focusing.

He did it!! I felt so proud of him. He said this is definitely the hardest thing he's ever accomplished. In typical Mike fashion, when he sets his mind on something, he does it. That's what I love about him. He did so awesome!!!
Our first rave together and definitely not out last. We loved doing this together and want to have a life of doing fun active things like this together.
It was fun having our friends there supporting us.
Creepy Mike always on the look out😳
We fell asleep outside our last night. It was so relaxing on the balcony. It was the perfect weekend!!