Tuesday, April 19, 2016

New Obsession

Parker and Pierce have become obsessed with basketball. When they are home, they are usually out front playing basketball. They will even wake up extra early in the mornings just so they can play before school.

School Fun

Little miss Kennidi had 80's day. This was a last min effort, but she can make anything cute. She is becoming so fun and outgoing. She's definitely coming out of her shell.
Parker is the Mathlete of the country. He is currently number 2 in his whole grade. He is constantly surprising me by how smart he is.
With his friend, Porter.

Breezy is a Fighter

Breanna and her twin boys are fighting through this whole pregnancy. At 17 weeks she found out she had Twin to Twin and had to fly to California for surgery. And then her water broke in one of the babies sacks and she's been on bed rest at the hospital since. I'm so amazed that everything seems to be going really well. The babies are still cooking and she's now 28 weeks so chances that everything will be ok is sooo good!! I'm so happy that she's made it this far. She's had a lot of sad things happen with pregnancies and I soo want for everything to be ok. She's pretty amazing and still has such a positive attitude even though it must be so hard to be in the hospital that long.
Everyone has been taking the rounds with these boys. My kids love when they are over. Let's just say Sawyer and Landon are a ton of fun together😊!!


We had the best night out with this crew. Only minor injuries occurred.
I love that we are hanging out more! These girls are so much fun!
And of course these boys😂

Friday, April 15, 2016

T ball/ Baseball

Another round of baseball for our family, and we survived!! It is a lot of work getting all these kids fed and to games and practices but I do love watching them. We just don't have a life in April.  
Pierce loved playing against his cousins.
As always, Pierce never ceases to stop entertaining us. One minute he's tackling kids to get the out and the next he's running backwards into home. He did so awesome this season and got countless outs.

Glad he could play with his two buddies Teagen and Will.
Parker had an awesome season too. He was very focused and determined as usual. He had his best year yet. He mainly played shortstop or first. He also got countless outs. And he got his first homerun on his last game. It was awesome!

Mike coached this year. I love watching him involved with the boys sports even if it makes it a lot harder on me. He was great and he even shook off his old glove and pitched a game.
We always love when we have visitors that come and support the boys. These ; are just too cute!
Sawyer became obsessed with baseballs  and gloves. It was pretty darn cute to watch him walk around like he owns the place.
It's only getting easier. Next baseball 
season will be even better!

Brothers are the Best

Nothing makes me happier then watching siblings love and care for each other. These brothers have a special bond.
These two have been taking naps together a lot lately. Some days I have to seperate them because they stay up playing but most days they end up just like this.
Apple obsessed. Especially Linkin. He asks for an apple a couple times a day. He always wants to eat apple whole. It's pretty funny!
Also found out that these two love chips and salsa.

High Fitness

Kacie came in town and her and Liz taught High Fitness. It was the hardest most fun class I've ever been to. It sure helped having Britt and Brooke joined me. This class really got me pumped. I now go every Tuesday to my friend Stephs class. I'm loving it!!

Pinewood Derby

Parker was sooo excited about his first Pinewood Derby. Dad and Grandpa helped him build this awesome shark car. Red of course. Like a true Adamson boy, he brought this toy car to the weigh in.
Had fun with his buddy, Jensen.

In true Parker fashion, he won the very last race for the first time. We had a loud cheering section for him. Both Grandmas and Marissa and the Adamson clan. Parker loved his first Pinewood Derby!!

Grandpa Hike

The Annual Grandpa Hike. These cousins are so lucky to have such a fun Grandpa. I know my kids look forward to this every year!

Trouble with a capital T

This kid.... He is by far my most mischievous, daring little guy. He's been climbing on everything for months now. I kinda just let him do his own thing or else I would be grabbing him off things all day long. The other morning, I was in my bathroom and I heard a clinking noise. I came into the kitchen and he had climbed up on the high stools, up to the counter, turned on the water and was playing with a glass cup.
Link is always up for joining the trouble.
This is Sawyers famous death stare. If he doesn't get what he wants, this deadly stare will show up.
I walked into the room to this. He found a marker and was putting on lipstick. He sure a smart little stinker.
Blue is definitely his color!
He steals Linkin's bike and scoots around like a pro.
He learned how to blink his eyes and it's pretty much the cutest thing ever.
All tuckered out after a night of baseball games.
Constantly opening drawers and cabinets all day long. His nickname is Tornado.


This little boy has a lot of funny quirks. He is obsessed with stuffing his backpack to the max with dinosaurs, stolen money from the office and balls. I'm pretty sure out of the 30 things in there, he would notice if I took one thing out.
Grocery store shenanigans 
Oh the bed.... So he started doing the same thing as his backpack to his bed. He stashes all sorts of things and fills up his bed and wants them always covered by his blanket.
Funny funny boy!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Next Level Sleepovers

Mike of course had to take things to the next level. He did this set up for the kids. Had the perfect set up for sleepovers. He even brought out a tv. The kids all thought it was the coolest thing ever.
Lucky kids!
I slept over one night and it was actually really comfortable. Sawyer even joined in on the festivities.