Saturday, March 26, 2016

Fun with Friends

I joined these girls to celebrate Aubrys birthday. It's always fun catching up with this group of girls.
A couple days later I went out to celebrate with theses girls. I really do feel so lucky to have such fun, amazing women around me.
I got a lesson of Snapchat from these two.
The beauty filter is 👌
During my lesson, these kids had a blast piling down the slide.

Pierce is loved by these 2

Same reaction every time he comes home from preschool. He is their entertainer, helper and protector. It will be a sad day when he starts Kindergarten.
These boys get so excited when he comes through the door. It helps that he gives them candy😊

Best Big Sister

Sawyer will sometimes only want to be help by little miss Kennidi. She is such an awesome big sister. She loves to take baths with the babies and get them all dressed and ready for bed. Grateful for this sweet girl.


This one wasn't to sure about the egg hunt.
Linkin thought the dye pills were candy😳.
Intense race to find eggs.
Always takes her time for perfection.
Always has to make sure things are just the way he wants them.

Looking for clues for their Easter baskets.

Love these 5!

 That night we had a fun Easter dinner at Grandma Fischbecks.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Charm Hunt

Where I slack big time in fun traditions, Mike makes up for it big time. He's always so fun. He found "Charm" our friendly leprechaun and caught him. Too bad he made a whole in the bag and left a candy trail. We looked for him but we couldn't find him. Maybe next year!!

Spring Breaking It

Busted out some costumes for the kids and Linkin just loved being a Ninja Turtle.
Sawyer not so much!
The older kids even joined in on the fun.
Not shown family was family fun day. Mike took one day off for Spring Break and we got donuts in the morning, went to Peter Piper for lunch. Them we took the kids to see Zootopia which was really cute. And we topped it off with a fun dinner at Red Robin. It was quite the day full of family time and food.

Parker had Cub Scout camp for 2 days during the break. I went for one half day and it looked like they learned a lot and did fun things. Parker's favorite thing was archery. I he was really good at it!!
Cute group of boys

Best Workout Buddy

Kennidi is my right hand girl in soo many ways. She's been wanting to do my daily workouts with me a lot lately. I love doing this together. She's so much fun!!

Cabin Weekend

We had time over spring break to head up to the cabin. We had the best time with friends. We played games, relaxed and ate yummy food all weekend long. I love this picture so much. When everyone left. We took a family rhino ride. Linkins face shows how much fun we had and Sawyers sums up, how we all felt about going back to reality.
The Mills, Hatches and Cotters came with us.
The Hatches brought their new toy. Us girls took it out and within the first 5 min we were stuck😂
Tiffany showing off her mad skills.
Aerobi was a fav for all the kids
After years of family trips, these two girls finally found each other! They had sooo much fun together. I'm so excited that they have each other now!

Tea Party

Kennidi planned out this "Ultimate Tea Party". She planned activities. She charged her brothers a $1 entrance fee, but she used her own money to buy them a activity and a starburst pack. It was pretty much the cutest thing ever!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Park Life

We started Spring Break out 
the only way we know how, at the park!
The kids had fun racing up the slides. I love just watching them, all happy, all getting along. Beautiful weather too! This is what heaven will be like!!

They're Back from Columbia

Grandma and Grandpa Fischbeck are home from their 2nd mission!! It was so fun to see them in the airport. They both look exactly the same. Right away things were as if they never left. 
The kids were so excited to see them!

Sawyer was a little nervous but he will warm up quickly.
The whole crew that made it to the airport. We almost didn't make it because of the Phoenix Marathon. We literally ran and made it just in the nick of time.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Link Took the Plunge

This is Link, happy and clueless his life was about to get a little sadder. He looks so peaceful and it is sad to me to take his binki away but he is past the age of where he should still have one. I love how he loved to go to sleep because of this. That will be missed immensely. His last nap with his bestie.
We did our normal routine of giving him a present. For Linkin it was a play dough truck and his favorite treat, Oreos. We told him he could have the present if he threw away his blue binki. Of course, he said yes completely happy, not understanding the outcome. When it came time for bed he asked for it and I told him he was a big boy and he didn't need it. He we sad. He whined for a min or two after I left his room. When I went back in, I told him I would sing him some songs. He had me sing Twinkle Twinkle and Popcorn, which is now out routine. After that he was fine. I went up 10 minutes later and everything was quiet, but when I went to check on him, his bed was empty. He had gone into Pierces bed. It was really cute, but I knew I couldn't start him on a bad habit.
I put him back in his room and he went right to bed. Ever since then he has done awesome! He did sneak Sawyers binki one time when he was watching a show. Other then that he is a rock star. Sad he has to grow up, but I love seeing his personality really start to show.