Saturday, February 27, 2016

Annual Dessert Outing

Our annual cookout with the Smiths. This time the Mcfarlanes joined us and it was quite the party!! We left Sawyer at home so we could actually enjoy the night instead of keeping him from cacti and the fire.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

This is How I Blog

This is me when I'm completely bored at work and there is nothing to do. I come in here, take a seat and start catching up on life and documenting about my fun crazy life. Good times in this stall!!

Family sleepover on the Tramp Fail

My first failure was not getting more pictures of this night. Mike has been sleeping outside on the trampoline a lot with the kids. They have so much fun out there. They play all sorts of games, one is super weird that they made up, but it's really funny. One person is the chicken and tries to get the others and if they can get a person on the ground they eat their head. Meanwhile Dad is throwing pillows at all of them, trying to trip them. It's bizarre and only my husband and kids would come up with something so random.  I promised I would sleep out there for the first time and bring Sawyer. I promised Kennidi she could sleep next to Sawyer. She was pretty adamit about it. It was a lot of fun until the actual sleeping part. I only lasted a couple hours because it was literally the worst night sleep ever. We were all sooo crowded and sinking in the middle. At least I tried.
Hard to get any really cute pictures because I was so cold and tired. 
The next morning we went on a little "hike" around the Riparian Preserve. It was fun. We had breakfast, fed the ducks and let the kids run wild.
Sawyer thought eating the bread was a better idea then giving it to the ducks.

Valentine's Day

This Valentines Day we had a nice relaxing family filled day at home. It started with presents for the kids, which of course they loved.
Kennidi was so incredibly thoughtful, she made some presents for our family for Valentines Day. She made a Cardinals poster because she knows our family lives them. She also made everyone their own personal heart and wrote something nice about them. It was the sweetest thing and I love seeing her thoughtful side!
Mike smoked all sorts of meat for a big fancy dinner. They kids all played outside. The weather has been gorgeous!!!


The glorious Boosterthon. We had a extra this year, I was watching Zoe so she joined the party. It really is such a fun event. I love watching the kids dance and have a blast.
Kennidi did awesome. She ran all of her laps plus more.
It was cute seeing her have fun with her friends.
Parker of course was all business. He was so serious and determined to run the most laps in his class, which he did.
I love this boys determination for things.

New Family Hobby

We loaded up the kids and went to the Wind Caves for a morning hike. As long as we have two hiking backpacks this hike is perfect for our family. The older kids are fast and love it and the two babies are on our backs which is a awesome workout, which both Mike and love right now. Kennidi loves being Sawyers second mom. She loves taking care of him and she is the best older sister.
The kids at the top. 
Our family selfie. I love this picture of our family and I love being outside spending time together.
Parker out of all the kids, complains and hates taking pictures the most. So when he thinks it's a good picture, you stop whatever your doing and take a picture.

Blue and Gold

This year for blue and gold we did the Cub Olympics. I think it turned out pretty cute.
Each table had USA wristbands and licorice.
We had a great turn out and the food was super tummy. We had a sweet pork nacho bar. It was fun having my family there this year. Parker seemed to have a fun night.
We had one activity, a ice hockey game. The boys had to stand on paper plates. It was really cute!
Each boy got a gold medal.
Sawyer just sat on this table and had a hay day eating cake.
My shirtless white trash baby is the cutest!
Parker decorated this cake all by himself. He did a awesome job and he was super proud of his cake.

Saturday, February 13, 2016


These two.... They are either the best of friends. Or each other's worst enemy. I love when they have fun together! There is something about this duo, they can be so goofy together. This particular day at Grandmas they played all afternoon together. They kept teeter tottering on one of grandmas toys and they thought it was so funny. I keep telling them they belonged in the circus. They loved that idea!
 I love days like this one!!

Life long Friends

We had an impromptu family night with the Mills and Daniels.We are such good friends that we both had the same great idea to get Cafe Rio to go while it's half off and take it and go to Discivery Park. It was a lot of kids and a lot of fun! We've definitely luck out in the friends department. It will be fun to watch are families grow up together.
The crew.
Link loved riding down on the skateboard.
Kenzie just had her 4th kid, Camp. And of course her being as difficult as she always is, wouldn't let me watch her kids but she wanted to do a park day. I love that we both have so many boys. It's pretty funny looking at this pic, cause Link looks like me and Milo looks like her and our babies look like brothers. We decided they are both milkman twins.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

What My Workouts Look Like

Now that this kids morning nap is a total goner. This pretty much what my work outs look like. He leaves me be for the most part when I'm standing. But whenever I do my 10 minute abs. If he's around, he loves to sit on my stomach. As much as it makes my workout completely ineffective. How am I suppose to say no to this sweet face?

Mathlete Parker Dominating

One thing about Parker is that he thrives when he is challenged. What a great trait he has. This boy never ceases to amaze me. I love going to these Mathlete programs and watch him be called up in front of everyone. So proud of him!
He friend Tyler wanted to join the picture and apparently so did This other kid. Best photobomb!

Pie Face

One our favorite presents that Kennidi got was this Pie face game. It's pretty funny! All the kids got in on the fun.