Sunday, January 31, 2016

7 Couldn't Be Better

This smiley girl couldn't be more excited to be 7. She has been counting down since Christmas. I'm so grateful to have Kennidi as my daughter. She is funny, thoughtful, creative and a great helper. I love having a little girl to bond over girl stuff with.  She loves doing nails together and anything girly. She is the best sidekick!! 
Took her Subway, her choice. She is by far our most sophisticated eater. She loves sandwiches, salads. My kind of girl!
We had a super fun pj birthday party for her. She invited 13 friends and we had a waffle bar for breakfast. These girls are so funny.
Kennidi loves helping plan her party. She would give me lists of games she wanted to play and plan them out herself.  This was musical chairs and her and Izzy kept rubbing their bums together😂
She got some many cute presents from her sweet friends.
Kennidi was in heaven about the idea of a donut cake. I was all for it. Definitely the easiest one I've done☺️
Waffles and cream wasn't enough sugar so we had donuts for dessert.
Both grandmas chipped in and we all got her this big girl bike. It's super cute and her favorite colors.
Celebrating her birthday at grandma Adamson. She is always so fun and has different challenges or a scavenger hunt for the birthday girl.

These Two

The babies as I refer to them a lot. Sad that Link really isn't a baby and Sawyer is rapidly growing up. I love watching them interact.  I think they have such a fun relationship already. I can't wait to watch them grow up with each other so close in age.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Six Weeks of Kate

Starting in January I started watching Brooke's little girl, Kate. I watch her all day long from 630-530 M-Th. For 6 weeks. It's been a little adjustment having another 2 year in the house. It's definitely a different dynamic, especially a little girl. The kids all play really well for the most part. Linkin and her can butt heads and and argue a lot but they do have fun together too. Luckily she's a really easy girl. Some days I get overwhelmed, especially on her whiny days. It's just a lot mentally taking care of all these little ones and feeling stuck in the house. Thank goodness for the park and the fact that the weather has been amazing. We are at the park a lot!! Im on my last week with her and I will miss her cute little personality but I am ready to enjoy my just my kids again. About a week ago I had a total melt down in front of the 3 oldest. It had hist been a rough 2 days and with Mike working late Tuesday's and then just eating and leaving to scouts on Wednesdays, it can be really overwhelming, cooking dinner all afternoon with 3 little ones, then cleaning up and getting the kids ready for bed. This particular day, it was just s bad combo of all this plus kids arguing. I just broke down and into tears and the kids to help me to have better days in the future. It was nice for them to see that it can be hard for me. It was sweet, Kennidi even started crying, which was nice to see her emotional side. It was good for all of us.

Girls Nights

Jen was in town so we all got together. It was nice, we actually went out instead of staying at someone's house and talking all time like usual. We hit up Joyride and then went back to Whitneys to talk. I feel so blessed to have had this group of friends for so long, We definitely have a variety of girls right here. We are all growing up and are so different then we used to be but we still can remain friends, which I love.
This shirt😂😂. One of the highlights of the night!!
I went to a baby shower for Lindsay at Brio which might be one of my favorite places now. I lucked out in the friends department in my new ward. These girls are so much fun!
I have to document my hair. I'm loving it short these days. So much easier to do and keep from looking frumpy!!

Not exactly a "kid friendly hike"

The kids were out of school so we thought it would be fun to go on a hike with a million kids. We did the Wind Caves which was definitely not what I thought it was going to be. We had 5 babies that needed to be carried up. We were quite the sight. All the kids did really good. I had Kate with me which was good we had 4 carriers. But we had to switch off with Link and Lacy which made it interesting climbing all this mountain.
I love this picture of Markos and Kennidi. It's been fun having him around this winter.
Tanya took these kids on the death march, up higher and it literally looked like they could fall off the mountain super easy. I was freaking out a little. Just glad everyone survived.

Link got randomly cold at the end and wanted to wear Kennidi sweatshirt. That kid could pull off anything!

Tough Week

It was quite the week. Brother Whetten who I consider one of dads growing up, passed away. He's been really sick for a while so in a sense I'm happy for Britt and her family. I'm sure it was so draining not knowing when he will pass. He will be missed by many. I loved his sweet personality and his great smile. Also Mike's grandmother passed away. Similar  situation. It was a blessing for her not to suffer anymore. It's still really sad and weird to think about. It's was really cool. The day we found out, Mike was going through an old box of his stuff with the kids and he came across a sweet letter from her when he was a teenager. He has so many great memories of her. I loved her and I will miss her fiesty personality and her hilarious personality.
Mike drove up to Idaho with the kids. I stayed home with the two boys. Of course Mike makes anything fun. They stopped at Braden's on the way up and went sledding. Her funeral turned out really well. Mom did a great job! There was tons of snow.
Another thing that happened that week, was Lisa Prince who I grew up with, lost her little girl in a terrible accident. She then gave birth to her 4 child the next morning. This was just the most heartbreaking thing. It really brought life into perspective for me, especially as a mom. Being a mom can be the hardest thing sometimes, but it really is my greatest blessing. I'm trying my best to be in the moment with my kids and enjoy even the hard days. I've made little goals,  stuff that I should already be doing but I fall short. I'm trying to bake an after school snack once a week. I reading a book called Wonder with the three oldest and I'm loving it. It's great spending time with just the 3 oldest and watching their reactions to this book about a kid with a deformed face. I truly have the best kids. I am one lucky mama!!

Top Golf

We had an epic night at Top Golf. We have been wanting to go there for a while now but it's expensive and things are tight as we are trying to get back on top of our finances. Anyways Mackenzie told us about Sentry Marketing and that we could go as secret shoppers and get everything completely free. It was amazing. We got to spend 80 bucks worth of golfing and 40 bucks on food. We had to do some work writing down the review. But it was more then worth it. The food was delicious!! It was a lot of fun spending time together and doing something different. Fun date night!!

Melanie Girls Weekend

Melanie came to town for her sisters wedding and it was a must that we partied hard. We went to Spinatos and it was sooo delicious! I've been wanting to try it for a long time and it was worth it. Then we went to Jason's office and watched a really lame movie, that I of course fell asleep in. It was cool though. We need to go there more. We stayed the night at a hotel, which was fun catching up and sleeping in as late as we wanted to. It was heaven. 
We went to lunch at Duck and Decanter which was another hit. Great weekend for food. Our final stop was Last Chance which is always the best. It was an awesome weekend! I loved spending time with these two. Felt exactly like old times. I really am lucky to have such great friends.

Big Boy Link

We finally turned this homeless looking child into a little boy. I was a little sad for this change because I knew a cut would make him look way older.
Rawney did an awesome job!! He looks so adorable!! I love the new and improved Link!!!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Ultimate Christmas at the Cabin

This year we were able to spend Christmas up at the cabin with just our family. We invited Marissa to come with us. We were so excited to do our own thing for once. It worked out perfectly cuz Mom and Dad are on their mission and Mike's parents went to Idaho. Perfect year to do this! We were pretty packed tight, luckily we met up with Marissa at the highway. It didn't stop these kids from falling asleep on each other.
It was a lot of fun spending time with Marissa at the cabin. I even got her into 21 day fix, my favorite thing ever!!
This guy. He spent all day Christmas Eve baking gingerbread and building the houses with the kids. They were truly legit, as Mike would have it no other way. He really is the ultimate Dad!!
Some much candy to choose from too.
He brought up a tree and had it feel just like home.
Christmas Eve we did our kid gift exchange. I love watching the kids get excited about giving gifts to each other.
The mandatory and oh so cute, hug!!

We watched Home Alone 2 Christmas Eve. This is me soaking up my kids cuddling with me. They tend to end up by Dad more often then not.
Sawyers favorite thing was this spinning globe that Marissa got him.
Linkin loves his own personal car. He is too funny on it. He now stands and does all sorts of tricks. He makes me laugh!
Pierces favorites were his kindle, Donkey Kong and his Cardinal jersey.
Kennidi loved her kindle, her Loom and her ASU shirt.
Parker loved his Kindle, Errector set and his Cardinal jersey.
Love when these two ride together❤️
This poor guy got sick and threw up on Christmas Eve Day. Luckily he was better at night and all better for Christmas. Unfortunately it started a terrible ripple affect that started with Kennidi after Christmas dinner and Parker and I in the middle of the night. If was awful!! I get so bad too because both Jas and Jars families came up that night to go snow boarding. We were suppose to stay till Sunday but I didn't want to get everyone sick. So we rushed out is there I the morning. Turns out people still got sick. It was a nasty bug, luckily it was super short.
These were our best friend on the way home. Parker used it multiple times. He was so good about getting it in the bag. It was a really long ride home though. As soon as we got home he didn't make it to the toilet and threw up all over the carpet and rug😷.
These kids love their Kindle. We have to have time restraints cuz they would play ll day.
He is obsessed with hats. Whenever we are in the laundry room, he whines and points to get a hat down. He is sooo cute!!
More proof of his cute obsession