Friday, December 23, 2016

Playhouse Sleepover

Mike is the king of sleepovers and as we all know, there is a sleepover once if not twice a weekend. They talked me into joining the fun. Thanks to Mike I had a nice comfy spot. These kids are so lucky to have such a fun involved Dad. I love our family!!

Sauce's Big Day

This boy. My heart literally aches when I think about how fast he is growing up.  He will always be my baby. There is something about this face that just screams sweetness. He is sooooo cute and sweet!! He is so fearless and acts and talks like a 10 year old. He rules this house and gets whatever he wants . We love our Sauce Boss!!

Fun games celebrating with the Adamsona

After we sang to him, right away he threw his hands up and said," Yahhhh I did it!!"

Big Step

I took the big step of deciding to go back to school. This was a major decision for us but we prayed about it and decided that I should. I'm way behind in my journaling, but at this time Katherine was going to school with me and it was so awesome doing it together. It really made the transition so much easier.  She ended up dropping out after a couple weeks which of course made me sad but I totally understand where she was coming from. For a while it literally felt like I was drowning. It felt impossible to keep up on whets most important to me, time with my family and balance that plus church callings, house chores and then trying to keep up with school. Lets just say I had lot of random melt downs. Slowly things didn't seem as overwhelming and I could balance everything better. The class is now over and I'm very proud of myself, I actually did really well. Better then I could ever expect. I ended up with a 97 in the class. Let me be clear, I have never received a A in a science class. This was huge for me. The class was very hard, I had a love mainly hate relationship with my teacher. She would constantly roll her eyes at me when I would ask my questions, even though I had one of the highest grades in the class. She would totally talk down to me. Anyways the class was hard, but I studied and worked hard to get my grade. I'm just happy I survived my first class back. Only four more classes till I can apply to dental hygiene!! I'm signed up for Chemistry next semester, which could get ugly fast.

Daddy Daughter Dance

These two had a night out on the town. They went to our wards Daddy Daughter Dance.
They danced, did makeup, shaved and ate dinner. These two have such a fun relationship. They are best friends.

Best Friends

I love these two and how much fun they have together. We were waiting in the doctors office, which is normally a nightmare. This time it was the cutest thing, Sawyer wanted to sit on Links lap and they just kept laughing so hard. I love that they are so close!


The cruelest Cruella and the cutest Dalmatians possible. I love when everything all falls together. I also love that Kennidi wants to dress up with her little brothers. She almost decided to join the older boys Star Wars theme but decided to go with this. I love it! They all look perfect!

This costume was perfect for these boys this year because they love going around the house playing puppies.

Love these cool Star Wars themed boys. They had so much battling each other.
Hard core Darth

An equally hard core Yoda

Grandma Adamson has really step up her game in the witches department.  This is second year she dressed up and sang her witch song. She is so much fun, these kids are spoiled to have her!

The costume parade

All the cousins

I love watching donuts on a string. It is classic!

Halloweneen night. This group scored in the candy department. They got so much, they sold most of it to a dentist and got about 8 dollars each. The dentist we went to was amazing he even gave us a bunch of free voutures for Waffle Crush and Hot Cookie. We will definitely be going back!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Duo

These two... No words. Sawyers loves to copy everything that Linkin does.
Sawyers new thing when he gets upset. He loves to fold his arms and pout, a lot of times he runs to the corner. Pretty much the cutest thing!
This is Linkin taking a pics of the sauce. We have many hard battles with Sawyer and my phone. He loves to take hundreds of pictures and videos which drives me insane because I hate deleting them. His specialty is photo hurts.
The continuation of his fit.

Lake Days Every Day

The Lebbarons took us out on their boat for date night and it was amazing. 
They showed us the ropes of couples surfing. It was so hard but at least we got up. We couldn't stay up long. Emily and Kyle are pretty much pros and she can climb up him and sit on his shoulders. Mark my words.... I will be doing that someday. Probably not. But I really want to.
Not up long at all.
The next week we had the annual Adamson lake trip. It was really fun being there with the kids, they loved it! Except Linkin wasn't a fan of the tube.

All the kids had pretty impressive moves on the tube.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Joy School

My Linkster started Joy school. He wasn't too sure what it was but he was excited. I think he will do really well in school. However, I had it for the first week, and 
 he had a major meltdown when he didn't get the green name mat.  He's pretty particular this one. He's definitely got some quirks to him. I sure love him, and he has always been the best listener. Very obedient!
His cute class. We have a great group of kids this year, which is lucky cuz I didn't know 2 of the moms going in this year.

Idaho Again

I didn't think it was possible but Mike talked me into driving back up to Idaho four weeks later. I'm glad he did because we had a lot of fun with just the older kids. It's nice to get a break and focus in these fun kids. The little guys stayed with Grandma and Marissa. They would be HATED how quick we did this trip. Meaning we spent a lot of time in the car with hardly any breaks. The kids did great, thanks to their kindle!!
The reason we went up again was for Grandma's birthday celebration and their 60th wedding anniversary. They had so many fun activities.

We met up with Spencer and he showed us this really cool river with a diving board and slide. The water was freezing but we all jumped off at least once.
We played tennis both mornings which was such a blast.
Our family got straight up gangsta for the competitions.
They had so many great games. A couple of my favorites were Mingle Mingle, the cup game, categories, heads or tails, human tic tac toe just to name a few. They did a really good job.
This one was pretty hilarious too. 
Skits that evening. Pierce loved being the bad guy in this skit.
Birthday girls.
Best cousin friends
The whole group who came from our family.
While we were away, no doubt these two were spoiled rotten and had the best time.