Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Parker Show

Parker had the cutest performance for Vetereans day. He loved bugging me with his singing, " Anchors Away"!  He did an awesome job!!

Parker and his buddies.
Parker is officially a Cub Scout. He loves it and he has the best leader in the world. Natalie is the absolute best!!
Earning the bob cat award.
He is going to have so much fun in wolves. Scouting is right up this boys ally.
This picture showed that he finished his first 500 piece puzzle. Luckily I took this picture when I did because Linkin destroyed it 5 min later. Parker has now finished 3 of the 5 500 piece puzzles he got for his birthday. No joke, I couldn't do one of these. This boy amazes me.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Surprise 10 year Anniverary

This guy. He is the ultimate surprise giver and trip planner. He had this whole trip planned for a long time and never told me any part of it. We left Wednesday night. Marissa was nice enough to take our kids to the trunk or treat and then she dropped them off at Grandmas house where they had such a fun weekend. It's always comforting when we are gone, to know they are in such good hands. Sooo we were off. I had a feeling it wouldn't be somewhere close by because we were going to be gone for 4 days. But of course Mike kept making it sound like we were staying in Scottsdale the whole time. We started out by going to Arizona Mills Mall to see a movie. I kept thinking he was kidding. Cause it was such a random place and thing to do. We saw Martian, which was actually really good. Of course Mike always has a reason for the madness. We stayed the night at the same hotel we stayed at in our first night as a married couple. It was such a sweet idea. We even went to Applebee's late just like we did 10 years earlier.
Not to greatest pic, but had to snap a pic at Applebee's.
Although it was freezing as usual, boogie boarding was amazing!! The beach was just glorious. Be able to sit and read and relax was just what I wanted!! I even went for a run one day.
We stayed at a really nice hotel and we played tennis in the morning. It was so much fun. I'm still learning the rules and what not but Mike and I agree that we both want to play more often.
It was hilarious, my ball got caught when I tried hitting it. I was so confused.
So glamorous!
Our new must go place in Newport. Mmmm soooo good!!
We went and walked around the Santa Monica Pier. This was after the fact that we attempted Venice Beach, we were too scared of how scetchy it was.
I was in heaven when I found out we were going to 6 Flags, one of my all time favorite places ever. It's sad though cause it's no myth that things change as you get older and we found out the hard way. We did the 1st few rides with no problem. I did feel a little clammy and didn't feel the super rush that I usually feel. I needed a little break in between rides. Mike on the other hand, after the 3rd ride, he was beyond himself sick. It was so crappy that he didn't feel good. I kept joking that I was going to leave and find a cool crew to hang out with. We ended up leaving to get medicine, which completely solved my issues. Mike was past the point of no return. He slowly started feeling better but not good enough to go on rides. It was fine cause he would come with me in lines. It was fun just being together. My all time favorite ride was Tatsu. It was amazing! I can't wait to go back. We just learned the hard way, that us old people have to take care of business before hand and take medicine.
One of the few rides we got to enjoy together was Twisted Collosus and Tatsu. I loved just walking around with all the crazies out cuz of Halloween. It was so funny, Mike would clench my hand cuz he didn't like being scared. It was really fun!!
We made one last stop in Hollywood. We didn't really have anytime and didn't know what to do so we walked around and looked at some stars. Village Peiple was about as cool as we saw:) Next stop was Rodeo Drive or so I thought. We ended up on a random street. Wasn't quite what I wanted.

Thursday, November 5, 2015


Our sassy cat
The cutest mouse you ever did see
The stinky cheese who absolutely hated his hat. He would cry the second I put it on and he would run as fast as he could away from it.
These two😂. Hiro and Baemax to the rescue.
The Fischbeck party was awesome thanks to Marissa! It wasn't quite the same without Grandma and Grandpa.
The scariest witches brew west of the Mississippi.
The Adamson party was a success. The number of little kids is rapidly growing, making get to family dinners and parties and chaotic and fun event.
My donut eaters

My Halloween crew.