Wednesday, October 28, 2015

My Baby is One

Today my baby is 1⃣ and I am a hot mess of emotions. Honestly, Sawyer makes me want to have 5 more babies. I will miss so many things about bringing a new baby home from the hospital. At the same time, I am so ready and excited to move on to the next stage of life with the 5 beautiful kids we were blessed with.
Sawyer loved our tradition of running through the paper.
Sawyer couldn't contain his excitement for his present. We got him another Water Wow and a shirt. Everything he could ever want!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Sawyer's Birthday Bash

We celebrated a week early with this lovable boy because we figured it would be too hard to get everyone back out again. Sawyer is one of those babies that you can't help but kiss every time you pick him up. He is all things sweet and happy. He still loves to cuddle, has mastered his fake cry. Is obsessed with soccer balls and loves chasing his siblings. I wish I could freeze time.
He was timid and unsure about his cake at first.
Once he tasted it, he got over it pretty quick.
I love watching the how excited the kids get for special events for each other.
Some of the party goers.
Marissa was quite the helper and she gave an aero me talk on the Holy Ghost.
This boy loved his presents. Linkin thinks their all his but Sawyer as always is a good sport.
Braden and Anika were so great and they flew down just for Parker's baptism.

Such a Special Day for Parker

We went and took pictures a couple weeks ago and this is one of my favorites. Granted he is being his usually goofy self with this face and pose, he looks so handsome.
I am so proud of the boy Parker is growing up to be. He has the sweetest heart and strives to always good choices. I am so lucky to be his mom.
Parker wanted me to take a picture in the morning of the two of them on their special day.
Love these two boys. Mike did a awesome job baptizing Parker and he gave him such a sweet blessing as he gave him the Holy Ghost.

Parker was so excited to be baptized with two of his really good friends. Jensen Daniels and Tyler Freestone.
As much as I prepared for everything before so I wouldn't be stressed on such a special day, I was running around right before with my head cut off. Exactly what I didn't want. Luckily once it all started I was able to let it all go and enjoy it. Everything turned out really good, I had a lot of help. Marissa and Mom A put together such a sweet video of Parker. Parker felt so special with everyone there supporting him.

Well That Was a First

This boy sure knows how to make me laugh with his goofiness. I had to cut this wig for his upcoming Halloween costume and his faces needed to be documented. So funny!!

Toro Pride Never Dies

Sometimes I still feel like I'm in high school. I got to relive the "glory days" for bunco. It was pretty fun! It was a little snug but it fit😊
It's pretty funny and embarrassing that I have all my get up still.
This is terrible pic but here's the crew, I sure do love our bunco nights!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Fall Break Fun

Verticio Farms was a hit with the kids. Too bad it was 100 degrees outside. I was not prepared for how miserable hot it was. Our cousins came with us. 
Link loved the slide. It amazing how fast he's growing up. He wants to do everything the other kids do.
These are always right next to each other. I'm so glad Kennidi has girl cousins close to her age.
The train ride was one of their favorites.
Cute cute boys
Me and Sauceky
I love that these two love to read. It makes me so happy to walk into a room and see this.

Perfect Family Cabin Weekend

We had such a great time at the cabin. We usually always go with family or friends, this time we kept it just our family and it was awesome!!! We haven't been able to do much as a family lately because I've been working both weekend nights. September and October  have been completely nuts so it was nice to get up there away from everything.We  loved the zip line, family Rhino rides, building Legos, and enjoyed playing outside.

We attempted to go to church, we got there and it was completely empty. It must've been Stake conference. A for effort!
Sawyer taking them on a crazy ride.
This was my favorite, my sweet boy loved to cuddle on the Rhino. Everytime, he would lay his sweet little head on my shoulder. Melted my heart every time.
The kids love doing their home made obstacle courses.