Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Channeling Our Inner Teenager

Mike and I went to Octane Raceway thanks to Chris from work who gave us a gift card. It was one of the best nights out. I don't know why but I get so amped up racing those cars. I just might bring my own gloves and helmet next time.

We went to the Brandon Flowers concert. It was our first concert together as a married couple. It was so fun, we will need to start going to more together. 
He was amazing!!!
I loved watching Mike in his element. I will admit I was a little jealous watching Mike crush on Brandon Flowers but I have to admit I was doing the same thing.
I'm pretty sure I almost passed out waiting for Hozier. It was blazing hot, I had sweat pouring out of my body. He was pretty good too but I couldn't wait to get out of that clostrophobic nightmare.

OCD alert

Linkin has this funny obsession, he loves lining up anything and everything up.  He does this with fish, blocks, bread pans, Legos, crayons. He is quite the particular 2 year old.
I feel bad, because Sawyer tends to mess up his perfect lines. 

Monday, September 28, 2015

An 8 year old really?

I can't believe this day is already here. I remember when Parker was just a smiley happy go lucky baby. Not much has changed since then. Parker is everything I could ever hope for my oldest. He is responsible, love able and the best older brother. His laugh is infectious, and he can smooth talk his way into just about everything. He loves soccer, football, Legos, reading and taking tons of AR tests, watching sports with Dad and playing Wii with Pierce.
Celebrating at Grandmas house.
They didn't complete all of the challenges so they had to crack an egg on their head.
We had the best party at the Rec Center, we played dodgeball, wall ball and climbed the rock wall. This was one of my favorite parties we've done.
Parker was awesome, he is quite the climber.
Parker is a lucky boy to have such fun friends that care about him.
Cute friends
I have an 8 year old!!!
Parker got Mario Brothers for the 3rd time. Hopefully this time it lasts longer.
We had a very special night out with just him. We ate at his favorite restaurant, Texas Roadhouse. Then we went to Joes Farm Grill, grabbed a shake, then went to a park and had a big talk with our big 8 year old. We are so proud of the boy Parker is growing up to be.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Big 5

This cute boy is officially 5!!! Pierce has had us laughing since the beginning. He is hilarious, smart and the best peacemaker. He is a lover of music, playing anything and everything with Parker and is super athletic. He's makes everything fun! He loved his new big kid bike. He is growing up so fast!
Riding to preschool never looked cooler.
My three stay at home boys. They love playing at McDonalads together.
Pierce joined Parker and Dad got his first ASU game. He of course loved that.
Pierce wanted his party at Golfland this year. All the boys had a blast!
Never a shortage ob helpers to blow out candles.
Pierce loved golf except for when both of his shoes broke, he got pretty frustrated trying to keep them on.
Cute cute boys
Celebrating at grandmas house 


So I took the big plunge and chopped my hair. I am absolutely loving it!!! I needed this change so bad. It is so much easier to do and it's making life so good!! Cute little Kennidi decided to join me, which totally surprised me because she has been wanting to grow it out. I love her with short hair!
Becca with her mad styling skills.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Oh Dear

We had quite the experience last night! We had started dinner without Mike and when he walks in, he says that the kids are no longer aloud to play this game on the computer that they just recently started playing. I thought he was kidding because he loves teasing me and the kids. Turns out he wasn't. Side story is that our neighbor Jimmy came over for the first time on Saturday and the boys were playing computer. I walked in to check on them and notice they were on a different website then they are allowed to. I let the boys know that we're not allowed to go on any more websites, they had to ask first. So back to last night, Mike was talking in front of the kids and said that some of the users they play against have bad words for their name. First thing that came out of Parker's mouth was, " oh like poo and stuff." Bless his sweet little innocent heart! I wish he would stay little forever. We had to explain to him that there are bad words in our house and that there are things called cuss or swear words. He then said oh Jimmy told me that F" was a bad word. He said it so non challently. Then immediately after, Kennidi didn't hear him and she said Angelina told me someone said F and that that was a cuss word. I almost lost it, I tried so hard not to smile or laugh. Not because it was funny, it was beyond aweful to hear my two innocent kids use that disgusting word. Mike and I were just taken sooooo back because they both said it so casually. After that we had a long talk about never ever using that word again. It's sad that this stuff is already coming up, it's a scary world, but I'm grateful I have great kids!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

My favorite thing

My absolute favorite thing as a mom, Is when kids all play and laugh together. It automatically puts a smile on my face. Right here the kids were working on braclets.
I had to share this picture, cuz Link was cracking me up. I wanted to take a picture of if him cuz he had loaded up his fingers with rubber bands so I kept telling him to look at me in my eyes and he kept doing this. He's so funny!!
The kids all going through all the Legos. We are having a Lego crisis, because we refuse to buy more for them until they go through and organize all them because they are a hot mess and all mix together.

Parker the Mathlete

Parker has always has always had a special love and talent for math. It's been fun watch him succed in the mathletes. He's already passed the first two tests in addition and now he is on to subsraction.  He has always been quite the smarty pants.

Summer is Coming to an End

The kids have loved going the splash pad this summer. Sawyer gets so excited when we go.
Pierce asked me to take this pic of him:)
Link and his cute little crack showing
Loves loves the water and exploring everywhere.
Marissa had them all sleepover on Labor Day and of course they had a total blast with her.
I love this picture. The kids are so sweet to Linkin, they love making him happy and going down this hill with him.
Oh boy, we are there already? Kennidi and her friends giggling in the bathroom putting on play makeup. They had previously raided my closet. I love girls!!

Girls night

I love doing girls night with my favorite little girl. Kennidi is growing up fast and as sad as it is Iove who she is growing up to be. She is smart and funny, coming out of her shell for sure. She is a great helper and a good friend to others.
Per her request, we went and got our nails done first, then out to dinner. Grandma joined us for dinner.
I made a tragic mistake of wearing my tight ankle pants. It was painful and nearly impossible but it was so important to me that I get that leg and foot massage.
Cute nails
We went to Mod Pizza for dinner and it was delicious!! The girls had a blast!

August Fun

Every single weekend, my house that I work so hard on to stay clean all week long, gets completely trashed. At times I get really frustrated but overall I love the fun and chaos that comes out of it.
We rivered yet again for date night. This time we decided to do the whole river which was a mistake cuz it got dark and it was too long. Lesson learned! We did have a lot of fun with our good friends!
My beautiful rugrats
Parker has a fun summer filled with swimming at friends houses. Lucky boy!
Cousin sleepover at Grandmas!
My messy fruit loving baby
The Daniels gave us Guitar Hero Rock Band which we intend to rock out regularly!
Morning tickles for this happy boy