Wednesday, August 12, 2015

All Five in a Tub

I know my days of this are limited. Granted the boys do have swim suits on, not sure why Kennidis is off­čś│. But I really want to cherish all the time I can when these kids like doing everything together. I'm so blessed to have such beautiful, smart, fun kids!! 

Oh Link

He was such a good sport when Kennidi wanted to play dress up with him. He can pull off anything in my book.
I've been loving incorporating the kids in my workout. They love it too. Link has a bright future in cheerleading­čśë

My walking little hippo

Sawyer had a very bad week, he was sooo cranky and whiny. Not his typical happy, sweet self that he always is. I knew that he was teething because he had a slight fever for a few days too. Well after the nightmare week. I noticed these two huge teeth. Look at the size of these? No wonder he was a monster. I love to pull up his lip and look at his cute hippo teeth.
He has started taking some major steps. He still crawls for the most part but he is getting more and more comfortable. It's so cute to see him get excited when. He walks. He's the cutest!!
He loves when Pierce shares his yogurt with him.

Preschool for this cool kid

 Pierce was beyond excited and ready to start Preschool. He was pretty bummed not to be going to kindergarten this year with a lot of his friends. He is so smart and mature for his age so I totally could have pushed him forward, but in the end we made the decision to have him where he is suppose to be. He is loving it!!
He has my friend Michelle for a teacher and she is pretty amazing!!
His cute class