Monday, June 29, 2015

Living the California Dream

Headed to St. George, or so the kids thought. We waited till we were half way to California to tell them what we were really doing. It was pretty funny at first they thought Mike was kidding, then they were not happy about it but once we told  them our plans, they were really excited! Mike didn't end up telling me until a week before we left. He's funny like that, he loves to surprise me. I love it too! It worked out great because it would've too long of a drive with all the kids and the babies at the ages they are. Especially since we just did a big road trip a few months ago.
Ohh the beach.... One of my all time favorite spots.  It is sooo much work with kids, especially when you have to deal with bottles, naps, changing diapers and worry about them eating way too much sand. It's worth it though! The kids all loved it and it awesome just sitting watching the kids have a blast. I even got to boogie board on the last day. We did 4 beach days. Coronado, Pacific, New Port and Huntington. Link was a great helper as shown below. Mike threw his back out really bad on are last day and was in agony for a couple days.
This boy loved the beach, which isn't surprising since he loves everything! Especially being outside.
He literally would try and eat handfuls of sand. It was pretty gross. Thank goodness for binkis.
This boy on the other hand was not a fan on the waves. 
We camped three nights at a KOA or what I like to call "kid heaven". We wish we would've stayed one day just there. They have so much to do there. We loved coming home and playing games at night. We played Yatzee and Clue. It's exciting that our kids are able to play games that we really enjoy.
Pierce did awesome with his first time boogie boarding. He is so naturally athletic, it will be fun watching him in different sports.
The kids colored shirts and Parker did a pillow case.
The jumping pillows were one of the favorites.
Kennidi got Sawyer a special spot for the movie under the stars.
We spent two days at Legoland and it was awesome!! Perfect for our kids ages!
We met up with our friends the Daniels the first day.
Link loved this boat ride and his awesome big brother always wanting to do things with him.
Oh boy, link was obsessed with this ball place which was great but he thought he owned this place and would yell at our kids because he wanted to shoot the guns.
The second day we did the water park which we all loved! Such a fun place!
All the kids loved building their own boats and floating them down this river.
This is how we nap at theme parks. I will miss having kids these ages but I won't miss worrying about naps.
We went to dinner after a long day at Legoland and Pierce was beyond tired. He fell asleep while we were eating. Mike woke him up to eat a fry and he fell back asleep mid chew. It was hilarious, we even have it videotaped.
My amazing sister Marissa, met up with us for the last half of our vacation, which was so fun having her with us. The kids loved that she came. It was lovely having another set of hands to help out. She even let us go on a very much needed night out. It is seriously exhausting traveling and having jam packed days with the kids. This was exactly what we needed. We went to the temple first, then to Mama D's for dinner. It was delicious!!
I love this family of mine!!
One of Linkins favorite things at the beach, was chasing the seagulls.
These kids love this aunt of theirs and are so lucky to have her.
Cozing it up on the chilly last beach day.
I love this view👌

Austie Bostie is home

The underwear man is officially back from the Phillipines. It was pretty crazy seeing him. Now it feels like he never left. It's fun having him home. The kids have all changed so much and we pretty much added to more to our family since link was just a newborn when he left. The kids love having their "favorite" uncle home.
Grandma bought all the kids cute matching outfits for his homecoming.
These two hooligans and their tattoos, oooohh scary!!! 😀
Thank goodness for all these girl cousins!! 
The boys on one of their many canoe trips. It's a new fun thing that I have yet to do. One of these days I'll get to go!!
Adamson family lake trip.
The kids all loved the tubes this year, Pierce was a little hesitant at first but he did awesome!
Parker showing off his skills on the tube with Austin.
If you can't tell from his smile, link loved the lake!!

Birthday Mike and Other Updates

Mike the man turned 32! Mom made him his all time favorite dessert, fruit pizza. We went out dozens of time on our quest to get all things free on your birthday, like usual.
Sawyers not impressed with Mike's joke.
Parker's new obsession, basketball. Mike couldn't be prouder. It was pretty cute watching them watch it and discuss it together. Parker would make sure I turned it on for him if Dad was working late. He knows a lot of the players and everything about basketball now.
Parker is a dream child. He has the sweetest heart and a strong desire to do what's right. He decided on his on that he wanted to read the BOM everyday by himself. He is such a good example to me. I thought it was adorable how he made his own version of his chore chart and added reading the BOM on it. He's the best! Oh and last month he went up in sacrament meeting and bore his testimony for the first time. It was so sweet and it gave me courage to do the same. I honestly don't remember the last time I've publically shared mine. I've came up with a million excuses over the years as my life has been very chaotic during sacrament for forever it seems. Plus I've been too scared. I'm grateful I did it finally, thanks to Parker.
Kennidi has done 2 summer gymnastics camps with girls in the ward. I love watching her come out of her shell. She was adorable to watch!!
This little monster is growing up way too fast.  He's seven months in this pic and he's pulling himself on everything and army crawling everywhere. He really is the sweetest baby and I could literally kiss his chubby cheeks all day long. I just wish he would stop growing up so fast cuz I'm trying to soak up all the baby time I can since he's our last.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Little Stinker

So this little turkey scared me half to death the other day. I had to go to Discount Tire to get new tires on the van and I had all 5 kids with me. I knew waiting in the store would be a nightmare so we walked across the street for lunch. After lunch I didn't buckle Sawyer in his car seat, I just put him in it and put it in the double stroller. I buckled Linkin so I knew I wouldn't have to worry about him. So the whole time was just focused on the three older kids making sure they stayed close by me as we walked across. When we got to Discount I looked down in the car seat and it was empty. I had a mini heart attack and I started thinking did he fall out along the way and because I was so focused on the other kids I didn't even notice?? I could imagine all the cars watching me thinking look at this crazy lady and all her kids and my baby falls out and it's no big deal to me. Oh boy!! Well I looked deeper into the stroller. And Sawyer pops his cute little head  out. He had wiggled himself down into the bottom. I started laughing so hard. He's so cute and meschivious. I just love him so much!
Linkin is loving his new found freedom and his new room. We are still having small issues every now and then but honestly he has been pretty good in this transition.