Thursday, May 28, 2015

School is Out

Both kids were recognized in an award ceremony. I'm so blessed to have such great kids. They are both so smart and such great students. Parker got a citizenship award.
Kennidi got a citizenship award and the reading award. I was surprised not because I didn't think she deserves it but she is not in AR yet. Parker is number 3 in his class and he didn't get the award. Pretty cool for her!

Kennidi did such a good job in her Kindergarten performance. She was adorable!
We loved Mrs. Batz she was the perfect teacher for Kennidi's first year in school.
Mrs. Douglas helped get Parker out of his shell in class. He learned to let loose and dance in class. She was awesome!
On the last day of school my friends rented two slides that we all chipped in for. The kids had a blast!
Link still is taking a little bit to get comfortable around water.
This girl has lost 3 teeth in 5 days. It has to be some type of record. She has lost 7 total. Not sure how she chews any food with all those missing teeth. I miss her baby teeth smile, it just sad how fast my little girl is growing up.
These kids... They decided to swap clothes. They thought they were pretty funny and they were right!
We went to our first summer movie for the summer. Every year we add someone new to the group. This year might be semi easy. Sawyer naps at that time and Link loves watching tv. It went pretty good. The first hour was the most enjoyable a summer movie has been in a long time. Then Sawyer woke up and Link decided he wanted to roam around the theater😳
Update on Links sleeping situation. He was perfect until a few days ago when he realized he can get out of his bed. Now it's a little game for him to stay in. He always acts like he doesn't want his binki, then you leave for a second, he cries for it then you give it back to him. Today I found him in his closet with his door shut. This boy is mischievous, he's lucky he's so cute!

Friday, May 22, 2015

My babies are growing up😩

Linkin graduated to a big boy bed last night. He has been in a pack in play for a few months since Sawyer kicked him out of his crib. He has been sleeping on the tramp and couches on the weekends with the kids so we figured he would transition pretty easily. And he didn't disappoint. He is such a good boy. Now the real test will be to see how he does at nap time. 
This morning I nursed Sawyer for the last time. I've been supplementing for so long because my milk supply has been so terrible this time around. It got to point where I was supplementing every feeding so I figured it was time. Also Sawyer is so wiggly and never wants to sit still, it complicates things. I have mix emotions about being done with nursing forever. I feel like it's been my life for the last 7 years. It will be nice to never go through the pain and being tied down anymore but I will miss the sweet connection I have with my babies. 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Our little graduate

Pierce had his joy school graduation last night. He was adorable! He knew everything, he is so smart. He was the loudest one and you could tell he was so proud of himself. I love his outgoing personality! Pierce did so well in joy school. He learns things very easily. We are so proud of Pierce, he is more than ready for preschool next year!!


Wednesday, May 20, 2015


This handsome little guy is two. Linkin has the ability to always put a smile on my face. He's the most adorable boy. I love that his goofy personality is coming through more. His favorite word is"no". He is such a sweetheart to his baby brother. He loves jumping on the tramp and chasing his brothers and sister. He could eat fruit and watch guppies or oomie all day long if I let him. He loves cars and stacking things. He bangs his head way too much, as shown in this photo. He rules our house and we love him so much!

He loved his first time of running through the streamers, our family tradition.
A bubble guppies cake was a must for this boy.

Linkins number one fan, besides me of course. He has Marissa wrapped around his finger. I'm pretty sure she would commit crimes if he asked her to.
Still unsure of the water and splash pad. I hope that changes soon.
I love that these girls are always there for me. We've been friends for so long and I love that our families are growing up together. Kenzie is part of these girls but was out of town.
The kids all had fun running around. It was beautiful weather. Almost too cold for the splash pad. I can't believe it's the end of May and we are having such glorious weather!

His face was hilarious with this party hat on.
He got spoiled with a water table and toys, sand toys, baseball set, clothes, sandals, bug matching game, helicopter launcher, books, phone.
We celebrated Kenzie's birthday too with the Adamsons at our house. He's perfected blowing out a candle.


Linkin's first day of nursery. Out of all my kids, I was the most nervous about him. He didn't like strangers and it he was pretty clingy to me. It was weird, the first day he didn't cry at all. Then every time after that he didn't want to go and cried. He didn't have a consistent teacher for months which made it hard. He finally got a steady teacher who loves him and wants to be in there and now he just loves nursery so much.
These two crazy parents of mine are off on another mission. This time to Bogota, Columbia.  We are missing them so much, it's nice that we can FaceTime them whenever. I'm so grateful for their examples to my kids. I know we are all being blessed while they are gone.
Fresh buzz for the "sauce" the three month Adamson hair cut came quick for this baby. He had the least hair of any of the kids and his old man hair definitely needed to go.
Sweet feisty Kennidi turned six. We had a bunch of her friends over for a frozen party. We decorated cupcakes and played games. Marissa came to party with us and had fun entertaining the girls.
I love all these little girls!! They all have such distinct personalities.
My car is soooo loud. I was so nervous to not have any empty seats between kids with good reason because it is always insane.Most of the time it's just them being noisy and goofy, sometimes fighting but regardless what it is, it always loud.😩

Mike should win some type of award because he just loves to have fun with our kids all the time. If he's not sleeping on the tramp, he's getting a big spot upstairs in the loft. I hope our kids realize how lucky they are.
One of my favorite Christmas presents. I painted it white and it is perfect in our backyard.
Miracle do happen. A couple weeks after Mom and Dad left on their mission, Jaron informed us that Tiff was in the hospital. I thought she was going to be in there for a day or so. I couldn't have been more wrong. Her liver was failing her. She was in the hospital for 2 months. This was one of the hardest things I've ever had to deal with. It was so up and down with our emotions. In this picture, I thought it might be one the last pictures of the three of us sisters together. She was declining and her ammonia levels in her brain kept her so confused and delusional. It was so hard seeing her like this. Our family rounded up together and with constant prayer, fasting and heavenly father watching out for Tiff, she recovered miraculously quick for how bad she was doing. I remember when she told me that she was going to be discharged soon I didn't believe her because every time I visited her she would say that. I wasn't sure if she was confused or not. But sure enough she was discharged that week. I'm happy to say that she is sober now and doing so well. Her strength amazes me. I love building a new type of relationship with her. Life is good.
Jaron and Jason were always by her side. I really love the way my family came together during this hard time without our parents here to lead the family. It was so touching to see everyone's love for Tiff.
These cousins thought they were pretty cool sitting on the roof at Grandma's.
Parker played flag foot for the first time this year with Tate. Chris was their coach. During the season, he always had a football in his hand around the house. Playing catch with himself. It was fun watching Parker improve. He even scored his first touch down on his last game. 
Mike just being Mike. He loves to make people feel uncomfortable and most of the time I enjoy watching. One thing I know is that he will always keep things interesting. This was at our annual trip to the dessert with the Smiths. The Smiths and their friends pulled up to mike looking like this.😳
I love watching all the kids interact with Sawyer. This morning we just relaxing in bed and Pierce kept trying to get him to laugh. Both of their faces are priceless.
This what the kids do when they get out of the bath to keep warm. Pretty funny!
For spring break we drove to San Antonio to visit Braden and Anika. It was quite the road trip but I was surprised at how well all the kids did especially the two babies. We split the 16 hour drive up too which made it more doable. This was at the river walk. It was really cool but super packed.
The kids first time to Sea World. I think it's safe to say they loved it. Their favorite show was probably Pets Ahoy. Linkin loved seeing the whales. We went 2 days and it was the perfect amount of time.
Traveling with young kids can be very exhausting but it's worth it in the end to watch the memories they are making.
Linkin enjoyed the hotel life.
One of my favorite things is when all the kids play house together. I love their creative minds!
Pierce riding a big boy bike for the first time. He's a natural even in a pink helmet.
The tooth that wouldn't ever fall out. I swear this tooth was dragling by a thread  for a couple weeks.
Finally our courtyard is not dirt🎉! I love the way this project turned out. It changes the way our front yard looks. I love it!!
Joyschool at our house. This is a great group of kids. Pierce has loved learning so much this year.
Easter picture. Love these five!
Getting ready for the big hunt.
Parker's favorite egg. He called it his math egg. I couldn't help laughing that he did this. He really loves math so much. Mike loves challenging him with long equations and Parker loves proving to Dad that he can do them.
Someone might have a slight case of OCD. I've caught Link lining up his toys.
He even loves lining up his favorite toy in the kitchen, my pans.
Sometimes you have to rig up a chair bag to cover your baby because it was unusually cold at t ball😁 We had quite the baseball season with both boys playing at different fields. We pretty much had something every night of the week. It was fun watching the boys and being outside as a family. I needed a major nap when it was all over.
One of our favorite pastimes while the kids are at school is feeding the ducks. We also couldn't live without the park.
Sawyer loves his Dad and all his fancy tricks.
My baby is 6 months😩.This boy has my heart. I could literally kiss his chubby cheeks all day. He is the sweetest, happiest baby. I can't imagine our family without him. I'm trying to soak up every baby stage with him but he's making it difficult for me. Once he started sitting up it wasn't long before he could get to sitting position by himself. I remember laying him on the ground and when I turned back around he was somehow siting up. It was the craziest thing cuz he so young still. The boy is a wiggle monster and he wants to stand all the time. Stop growing!
This guy has had his fair share of kidney stone problems. For the past year or so he's been getting pains off and on. We figured it was a kidney stone, but this time it was different. He finally went to a urologist and they found a huge kidney stone that was too big to pass.he needed shock surgery to take care of it. Surgery went well. Of course this guy was more stressed out about the IV then anything else. He so weird. It took about 4 or 5 days after of him being very uncomfortable and cranky:) But now he is better then ever and says he has a new motivation for life.
These boys love taking baths together.
Everyone always comments that Sawyer doesn't look like any of my other kids. They call him my milkman baby. I think they are all wrong because he reminds me so much of Kennidi as a baby. I think he's going to look a lot like his Dad.
Pierce loved his first season of t ball.  He did really good. At first he would run all over the field to get them ball, once he was told by this coach to stay in his position he wouldn't budge an inch. He's such a good listener. He finally explained that he could move to get the ball. Thanks to Parker he really started understanding the rules of the game. He even got an out when he was at pitcher and he had a great throw to first. His favorite part was the treat after the game.
This boy did coach pitch for the first time. He amazes me with how well he learns things. He had a great coach that really wanted to improve the boys. They had two games a week plus practice every sat for 2 hours. The coach loved Parker, he said that he was the best 7 year old in the league. He played short stop and second most of the time. On his last game, he played his very best. He got his first 2 outs and made the best play of the whole season. He grounded hard grounder and through a perfect throw to first. It was a tie so it went to the runner but it was pretty amazing.
Kennidi is the best big sister. She is such a good helper and a natural when it comes to holding babies.
After 3 years of being a one car family we finally got a new car. Hallelujah🙌. It has been super inconvenient this last year and I have been dying to get one. Mike really wanted a Jeep and at first I gave him a hard time about choosing that as our next car. After checking them out at the dealership I started getting really excited about them. Now all we had to do was find the perfect one. I tried being patient but I was so ready to have another car. I found this perfect Jeep on auto trader. It's everything we both wanted. It's pretty funny too because the guy we bought it from owns a restaurant called Mikasgreek and Mike ate there with Kyle and pointed to this Jeep and explained that that is what we were looking for. Pretty crazy! We all love it especially the kids, they are always asking if we can drive it.
Our first date night driving the Jeep. My inner high school girl is jumping for joy!
Mothers Day. The kids were so sweet to me, they planned a scavenger hunt by themselves, made me presents and coupon books. Mike made the day special by making me a yummy lunch/dinner and giving me chocolates and a gift card to old navy. I'm a lucky girl!
Linkin loves his baby but lately he has found that he loves to sit in him more😳. Sawyer puts up with a lot having this little rascal as a older brother.
Baseball injury with dad at the park. He's a tough guy.
First time at the Splash pad and Sawyer could sit and play in the water all day long if I let him.
  Linkin will take sometime getting used to the water again but I hope he has fun this summer because that's all we will be doing.
Parker loves making him laugh. It's pretty darn cute to watch!