Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Parties

Annual nativity at Grandma Adamsons.
On of my favorite things, riding in the back of the truck, singing Christmas carols and looking at lights.
Lucky mama
Grandpa loves to hold the boys and do weird things.
This year the kids all got awesome gifts from grandma and grandpa. Kennidi loves this pretend preschool. I'm excited they got things other then toys and Legos. 
This drill bit is sweet. I love linkins attempt at a thumbs up.
Parker and his snap circuits. He spent the first couple days on this non stop. He's such a smart boy!
Candy trains!! Parker gave his to Jensen Daniels.
Kennidi gave hers Karalee Hutchins
Pierce have his to Teegan Noorda.
Mike keeping Libkin warm.
And Sawyer too
We had a blast at the Breinholts annual party. This is the second year they have done their amazing style race. We were ultra creative this year. Mike won us the prize by pretending to be a homeless man. Of course his shirt was off, which only made this picture that more awesome. Right after this party we went straight the Hatches party, which is always a great time. We were just exhausted cause this is the same day we drove home from the snow.

Snow Day

We did our first snow trip in a long time. I think it's safe to say they all loved it!!
Mike pulled the two "babies", not sure how much longer I can refer to them as this. It's really so sad how fast they are growing up. Anyways he pulled them around like this for awhile, it was pretty cute!
Parker had a sweet jump, luckily I got it all on video!
She dominated the slopes.
Only this kid could make pink gloves look awesome!
Oh link, that face... Gets me every time 
The cutest snow baby there ever was!

Polar Express

This year instead of an adult and grandkid gift exchange, we all went to the Polar Express. Best idea ever!! We drive up to Flagstaff, had dinner then went. It was so fun!! Our kids are the perfect age for this!!
All the cousins
Sauces favorite part was wandering the isles of the moving train😳 and the cookies!!
It was really cute, these ladies were dancing up and down the isles.
Link loved all of it!
My favorite part was seeing the excitement in these 3 faces. It was perfect!
I was surprised but Linkin went right up to Santa without being prompted to. It was adorable!
The boys telling Santa what they wanted for Christmas.
I loved watching her face light up.
For the last 10 min, he just sat like this gazing out the train window.❤️

Surprise Birthday Weekend

Welp Mike did it again. I couldn't believe it. It was Thursday night and then all of sudden he tells me we are going somewhere for the weekend. I was in shock. He definitely went over and beyond this year. I felt so spoiled. At first, I thought it was just the two of us going to Rocky Point. Once I dropped off our kids I came back and the Mills were there to surprise me. Then we picked up the Daniels. I was soooo surprised! It was pretty awesome! I am one lucky girl!
All the boys decided to start the weekend out right by getting butterfly tats. Oh Mike...
The flutter boys
Had the best time with these two. They meshed so well!
Kickin it poolside
We found the most yummiest breakfast place. We went there both days. The Koffee House will be our new go to place!
The group minus Wade
Love this guy, butterfly and all.
Our cheesy adorable pic.
Lucas chicken never disappoints, except when you find a band aid in your rice😳.
Weird boys. We had so much fun with this group. Laughing, playing loaded questions and just relaxing all weekend.
Oh boy. This was quite the night. What started as a awesome night, getting ice cream and even showing off my awesome toe touch, ended in us girls, mainly me mad at the boys. Long story short, we wanted to go hang out with the locals and karaoke and some of the boys didn't think it was a good idea. So we sat there really awkwardly for a while. Angie and I made up a dance which was legondary. Then we left. When we got back to the condo, things were still weird, so us girls went for a walk and ended up in some hammocks that we weren't allowed to swing in. Dumb security people. Other then this little drama, and me being a diva, it was the perfect way to say good bye to my twenties. Still can't believe I'm actually 30 years old. So weird, I still 18 some days. Until I realize I have 5 kids. I've been so blessed these last 30 years. Looking forward to the next   30!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Turkey Trot

I set a simple yet doable goal, this past Summer. To run the Turkey Trot again. I knew it would push me out of my comfort zone and force me to run faster, farther. I did it!!
I was aiming to run an average of 11:30 min miles, which is not fast by any means  but it's what I set out to do and it felt great accomplishing my goal.
Thank goodness this blog is private again😳 but I wanted to document my weight loss. I worked my tail off with 21 day fix, body pump, running and watching what I eat and lost 15 lbs. I still have worked to do but it has felt really good to get back to my "normal weight"

Friday, December 11, 2015

Boys Night Out

I love that these boys have such a great relationship with their Dad. They have so much fun together. It's fun watching them get into sports just like their dad.
Pierce fell asleep at the table. Total dejavu!

Getting ready for Christmas

Buddy came and brought Christmas pjs. He got us all excited about the Christmas season!
When we put the tree up, this little guy just sat in awe looking up at the lights.
All the kids love their own personal trees and lights in their own room.
Pierce has been the king of all things nice these last couple weeks. He has done his best to make sure Jesus is nice and comfy in his manger.
Our kids loved telling Santa what they wanted, minus Sawyer. Linkin surprisingly loved Santa this year!

Kennidi was so lucky to get invited by her friend Taylor to go to a Christmas parade with her family.
I love that she has such good friends to give her, her much needed girl time, that she doesn't get a whole lot of at home.
Our annual light night. We added Comstock to our night and it was awesome!!
The Mesa Temple is always one of my favorites.
Some of the silly things buddy did this year.
My personal favorite was the faces on the kids😊.