Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Four Couldn't Be Any Sweeter

 This adorable girl turned four. She is growing up so fast but at the same time I feel like she is older than she is. She is my little angel. She is the perfect balance with all the crazy boys in our house. I have so fun much fun with Kennidi. She is my little side kick. She loves to get ready with me, her favorite is painting nails together. I look forward to all the fun I will have with her. I love you Kennidi!!
She wanted a Barbie party this year. This cake was really fun to make.
 Her cute friends, we had a lot of fun doing a fashion show, playing freeze dance, and playing pin the earring on the Barbie. Such a fun group of girls!

This was her first day in Primary. She was so excited!! This day couldn't come any sooner, I always felt bad for her that she had to do an extra year in nursery because of her January birhday. She loves it, even though she is still too shy to go up to the front if they call her name:)