Friday, July 13, 2012

Heber Fireworks

 Ahhh the Heber Fireworks.... I swear every year they manange to get even better. This time it was way more enjoyable not having all of our kids freaking out because of how loud they are. Parker is FINALLY at the stage where he enjoys them. Kennidi , maybe next year and Pierce well they didn't bug him at all. 
We also went camping while we were up there. The kids had a blast playing the freezing cold creek.

Nothing beats a day spent at the exciting Fish Hatchery around the corner from where we camped. We had a fun group with us. Our 4th of July weekend was a success!
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Monday, July 2, 2012


We headed to California at two in the morning, for this purpose, a nice relaxing drive. Also getting to the beach earlier was a major plus. Mike wanted to completely plan this trip and not tell me anything we were doing till we were driving there. Got to love my little planner! It was really fun being surprised. We went to the beach for three days and then went to Knotts Berry Farm. It was awesome! We usually do a lot of weekend trips so it was nice to do a longer one for a change.
One of our favorite beaches is New Port. Mike and I went there for part of our honeymoon. We love to hit up Perry's Pizza when we are there. It's amazing how our lives have changed in seven years.
I wish Kennidi's face wasn't covered but I love this picture because it shows our families lovely chaos.
007-7           We went by the Pier it was so funny the kids rememembered the dancers and entertainers from the year before. They wanted to dance just like the other people did. It was pretty cute.

  Boogie boarding as always was a total blast! The water was as cold as ever too. Parker loved hoping on when Mike would come close to shore.
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Nothing beats relaxing in the sun with a sandy toddler cuddling on you. It was funny Pierce would play in the sand and randomly come lay on me.
On our big morning going to Knott's Berry Farm Mike of course wanted to get there like an hour before so we take full advatage of our jam packed day there. Well someone, I not going to mention names ( Mike) left the light on in our van the night before. So that morning we were frantically looking for someone with jumper cables. We found no one so we decided to take two different buses to get there. This was pretty inconvenient, we got there an hour after it opened and had to lug all of our stuff on the bus. The worst part was when the park closed at ten and we had to wait for an hour to catch a bus back .Not so fun riding on a bus at midnight with three sleeping kids.  Other then that little glitch we had the best time.
First ride of the day. I love Kennidi's hands up. They loved all the rides.
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So tough...
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When the kids were falling asleep Mike creatively turned our doublle stroller into a triple. I laugh so hard when I met back up with him and he had Pierce sleeping in the bottom compartment. So funny!
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