Thursday, June 7, 2012

Camping Season is here

Tis the Season for camping and our family is excited for it. We went camping Memorial Day weekend with friends and as usual we had a blast.
My little boy is now a man. He caught his first fish. Parker loves fishing and until this point he had never caught one but has always been so patient. He will be gone fishing with Mike for hours and even if he doesn't catch anything, he loves it. Unfortunatley I wasn't there to witness it but he was so excited. He even loved cooking it up and eating it with his Dad.

          This is the first year we made a big bed for all three kids. It worked out great. It was so cute Pierce rolled over and was cuddling on Parker and he didn't even flinch.

   On a side note: I can't get over how funny this is. So our family is going through a smoothie phase. We are kind of obsessed with them lately, especially Parker. He wants one every morning for breakfast. Usually he will get out all the ingredients for me and put them on the counter because he is always so antsy to have one. Well on this specific day he came up stairs and said," Mom, my smoothie is ready. I thought he just meant it was all out on the counter like usaul. Not this time. I get down there and see this. He has the blender out, he put a WHOLE apple in and he cut up strawberries which I'm not sure why he thought he was old enough to use a knife and cut stuff up (kinda scary). Then he topped it off with yogurt. He was so serious and so proud of his smoothie. This is definitely on my list of some of the funniest stuff my kids have done.