Tuesday, May 22, 2012

BB Obsession

I don't what is about these aeorosol bb's, but my kids are obsessed with them. Anywhere we go, especially the park, they find them and collect them. At first it was a cute activity that they did together that kept them busy. (Which I am all for ) but now if I see one more bb in my house, I'm going to loose it. They are everywhere! My washing machine, dryer, bed. You name it.  To make matters worse while Parker was at Joyschool my friend called me and said she wasn't sure but Parker may have stuck a bb in his ear. She said she couldn't see it but he told her it was in his ear. I wasn't sure what to do, if I should be freaking out or not. Luckily he was acting totally normal so I just called my brother who's a doctor. He helps me all the time with random questions. He said if it is in there it's not a big deal and that I should come over within the next couple days and he'll check it out.  After he woke up from his nap he told me that the bb fell out. By this point I am highly doubting if it was ever really in there. Two days later, I took him to my brother just for precautionary measures. I was positive it wasn't in there. Well I was completely wrong. It was still in his ear. What the heck? I was so confused. So after a little digging,which Parker didn't even flinch at, the bb slipped out covered in lovely wax. I'm just glad I went over to his house because I was really contemplating if I should go over.
After this incident we had a good long talk with our kids about putting things in our ears and noses. Which I should mention while I was gone a couple weeks before this,Mike had to deal with Kennidi sticking a popcorn kernel up her nose. I don't know how he got that out, but he said he was scared he couldn't get it. Not sure what the deal is with my kids but I'm sure it's normal.... right? 



Friday, May 18, 2012

Shake what your mama gave ya

Ahhh my dreams are coming true. I have always wanted to have a little girl that loved to dance, and now my dream is a reality. Kennidi took her first dance class. It was a tap and ballet combo. She had so much fun and I she loved having her own thing. We are missing dance class on Mondays already. I need to find something else she loves. We took it from a Mom who did it in her house. We had a great experience and will be doing it again.
Her recital
I was pleasantly surpised on how Kennidi did in her first dance recital. I thought she was going to be too shy and not do anything. She was absolutely adorable on the stage. She literally smiled the entire time. She didn't dance nearly as much as she smiled. It was cute she would just stand there and every once in a while she would tap her foot or move her hands. She was so fun to watch. 

Kennidi with her cute friends that she took the class with.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

T Ball


This adorable boy just finished his first season of t ball. He absolutely loved it! He's already asking when he gets to play again. Watching a bunch of four year old boys play t ball is probably one of the most entertaining things to watch. The coaches tried their best but it was almost always chaos. My favorite was when the ball was hit ALL of the boys would run after it and dog pile each other for the ball. It was so funny.

Parker is such a fun loving boy. He gets so excited about everything. When he is out the field he is constantly looking at us and waving and giving us thumbs up. I love that every time after he hit the ball he would run with the biggest smile on his face. He was so much fun to watch and I really think and (hoping) that baseball is his sport.
Kennidi demanding attention at his games.
Kennidi and Pierce loved coming to his games not necessarily to watch Parker play but to run around pushing the stroller.
Pierce desperatly wanted to be part of the team. Such a fun season. Can't wait till next year!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Road trip

           We headed out on our first road trip of the summer. The kids are being "shy" in my attempt to take a picture of all three kids before our big journey. The problem was the clown car we rented for the trip was seriously the smallest car known to man kind. I was in the passenger seat and there was no possible way to squeeze Pierce in the picture. This of course made me a little uneasy about our long trip to St. Geoge.  Mike is the master packer and litterally plays tetrus while packing our car. I'm suprsied it all fit and that we all survived the drive:)        077-5                                                       
 We took the kids the Red Rocks and they had so much fun exploring in caves and hiking up the mountains. It was beautiful weather and the perfect start to our day.
083-2 093-2
St. George is really one of the best cities. I swear they always the coolest places to go and the weather is always amazing. We heard about this creek that runs through this park. It was such a neat place. We will definitely be going there again. We also had fun having stick races down the streets in the neighborhood gutters. The water runs down under the driveways and the kids thought it was so funny to run down the street watching their stick.
The main reason for this trip was to go see Mike's grandma. Her health is slowly going down hill and we wanted to make sure we got up there to spend some quality time with her. Mike's mom had the cutest idea. She sent us with a couple of presents for Grandma and the kids to do together, such as play doh, coloring books, nail polish and a book to read them. The kids had so much fun hanging out with Grandma Gladys.
Parker wanted to make sure we got a picture of his genius portray of an alligator.
Before we left we took a walk around the corner to the temple. Mike says growing up they would do this everytime together.  It was so precious to watch my kids go up to Grandma and want to hold her hand as they walked down the street. I'm so glad I was able to snap a picture of this moment.
On our way home we stayed in Vegas. We stayed at the Tropicana. We enjoyed walking around looking at the hotels with the kids, shopping and swimming. We had to take our famous picture at the M&M Factory . The kids love going there and watching the movie. We had big plans that evening to go to the Belagio fountains and other touristy places. Those plans were set back because Parker and Kennidi litterally feel asleep at the table while we were out to dinner. The lack of a nap, swimming and being out in the sun all day really took a tole on them. Pierce squeezed in a short nap so he lasted through dinner. He of course feel asleep as we were driving though. We had to lugg in three sleeping kids into the hotel. I know people were looking at us like we were a freak show.  Oh well what can you do?? 
Bath time anyone?