Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I've always wanted to do some type of surprise for Mike. But secrets from him are nearly impossible, he is always the one surprising me. Well I succeeded!! We celebrated his 28th birthday this weekend and while we were out making all the free birthday rounds, we went to Red Robin for dinner and I surprised him with some friends that got there before us. It was so much fun. It worked out perfectly! Oh and I thought it would be nice to list our favorite free birthday hot spots because every year we learn about more and if your like me than you can't get enough of free stuff. Some of them are only on your bday, and other places you have to use it within a couple weeks. That is my favorite because then your celebrating your bday all month long.


Be prepared to pack on a few extra LB's for the sake of your birthday.

Benihana ($30), Grimaldis Pizza (Free large pizza)Liberty Market (10), Joes BBQ (10), Joes Farm Grill (10), Red Robin (10), Fuddruckers (10), Krispy Kremes (free dozen), Danny's carwash (Free $12 car wash), Firehouse Subs (free sub), Cold Stone (free concrete)


I love this guy


P.S this little guy is not so little anymore. He is cruising (crawling) everywhere. He's absolute favorite thing to do right now is to pull himself up on to everything he see's. He is at such a fun stage!


Monday, May 9, 2011

Hot Date

This past weekend I had a special date with Parker for Mothers Day. Chick Fila had a mom and son date night. It was adorable! I seriously love that place because they do the cutest things! It was a formal dinner where they waited on us. They even had a limo ride for us after dinner. We doubled with our good friends the Smiths and had such a fun night. I really loved spending one on one time with my sweet little boy, it never happens so I enjoyed every minute of it. I loved being able to focus all of my attention on him. No offense to Mike but it was one of my favorite date nights!!Photobucket


Parker and Tate loved the dressed up cows. They thought they were so funny.