Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I Hate Goodbyes (name that movie)

My main new years resolution this year was that Parker would be binki free in 2010. This was a tough goal for me because since he was about one years old I've allowed him to only have his binki when he sleeps and because he loves his binki so much he loves going to sleep. This has been extremely helpful as you can imagine. So its really hard for me to give up. But I know that he is past the age where he should have it and he can't have a binki forever. It was rough but we sat him down and explained everything to him and had him get all of his binkis and put them in a bag. He kept saying bye bye binki's and he didn't seem upset at all. Photobucket

Then we had HIM toss them in the trash forever. I don't think he really understood that he wasn't going to have them anymore because this didn't phase him at all.


I knew it was not going to be this easy but it sure wasn't the complete nightmare I had been expecting. He did cry and ask for his blue binki for about 5 min but Mike explained to him again that he was a big boy and he didn't need it, and what do you know he fell asleep. So I can officially say that our house is binki free and things are good. Good bye binki's. YAH!!

On more of a sad note I have to say good bye to my amazing parents this week. They are leaving on their mission to Chile for the next 18 months. My dad served his mission in Chile so they are so excited to get to go back there.You can't even imagine how much I am going to miss seeing them every week. This is really hard for me to deal with and it truely hasn't hit me yet. But I know they will be blessed for their sacrifice and our family will be as well.
We took one last big family photo before they leave. I just love being with my entire family.

I know all the grandkids are going to miss playing with their grandparents.I'm just so grateful for Skype so I can talk and see my parents often because I don't think I would survive with out that. That really is one of the things that is helping me from not completely falling apart. I will miss them so much.