Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lost ... and FOUND!


So last week when Mike got Kennidi out of her crib he noticed that one of her earrings was missing. We looked everywhere but it was no where to be found. The back of her earring was still in her crib so Mike thought that maybe she ate it. The idea of this really freaked me out so I immediately called my brother who is a doctor and he said that if she did, everything would be fine and her body would get rid of it naturally. So I kept an eye out for it and what do you know I found it three days later in her poop. Yikes I know. I mean who eats earrings anyways, well Kennidi does. I 've heard of kids eating really weird things and it coming out the other end but this was my first encounter of something like this. Oh and this might sound completely wrong to some but I heavily sanatized the earring and it's back in her ear. We spent like 10 bucks for a huge pack just to get that size of pearl so there was no way I was tossing it. Am I totally sick? What would you do? Mike thinks it will be such a funny story to tell her someday when she's wearing them. I got to say I learned two things from this experience. #1 The human digestive system is truley amazing. #2 I will not leave Kennidi alone near any of my favorite jewelry. Now that she is crawling all over the house who knows what I'll find next.