Thursday, August 27, 2009

In Love

The other day I was at my friend Tiffany's house for a playdate and we decided that Kennidi needed her 6 month pictures taken. We were literally outside for about 5 minutes and she got all these amazing shots. She is so talented, check out her work at Thanks again Tiff, I absolutely love the pictures!
Photobucket P
Parker joined in on the bucket fun. This is one of my favorite pictures of him ever. So so adorable.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Three Under Three

No I'm not pregnant. My new additon was my two year old nephew who I watched for a week while his family was at Lake Powell. Yah I think three of my own would be pretty crazy right now. I can't believe that I was pregnant with Kennidi when Parker was 6 mon. I do admit I love having them really close in age but my body needs a little break. Our next two I would like to have them really close. (I think...) Anyways we had a lot of fun with Carson this past week. Parker loved having a little buddy always around. Oh and sorry in advance for this post being really long, I have a lot to catch up on. My sister Tiffany and I took all the kids to Chuck E. Cheese and the kids just loved it.
My little girl is six months old. This is one of my absolute favorite stages. I love when they become more indepedent and like playing by themselves and their personalities really show. I think she is going to be crazy like Parker. I'm pretty sure Mike's personality rubs off on both of our kids. She is so funny and spunky already, she makes me laugh all the time.
July was the month of vacations. We first went to Oceanside California with Mike's family and stayed in this beautiful beach house one block from the beach. This is my ideal vacation and I was really sad when it was over. We loved going to the beach everyday and soaking up the sun, playing games at night and going on bike rides. I forgot how much fun boogie boarding was, I pretty much did that the whole trip even though the water was freezing.
The crew. You can tell where Mike gets his unique personality from.
Parker didn't like the ocean as much as we thought he would. But he loved getting dirty in the sand. Not to mention loved eating it. SAND + CHEEZITS =YUMMY!!
Our California beach babe striking a pose. Austin was the all star skim boarder of the family.
Nothing like water ballon volleyball
Paker and Grandpa Bud
Loading up all the beach stuff, Parker so helpful as always.
Our next trip was with my family. The first part was at our cabin and then we all went camping at Big Lake. We had so much fun doing the usual obstacle courses, relays and talent shows. It's always a chaotic crazy time with all the grandkids but we love it.Most of the group Mike was in heaven fishing at the lake
One of the highlights was crawdad fishing. The grandkids would get $1.00 for each crawdad they caught but the catch was they had to bring it Grandpa like this. When camping it is always a must to ride down to the lake store and grab some ice cream.
Mom and Dad showing everyone how bike riding is doneLove me some Haagen-Daz
Ice cream buddies
My sister Marissa thought it was so funny giving Kennidi ice cream. Kennidi would freak when she stopped. I guess we both share a love for sweets.
Friendly ice bag throwing competition
Ok so maybe our minivan isn't the coolest car on the street but it is just so ideal for vacations. Love it! Thanks to both families for such a great time!