Thursday, July 16, 2009

Got to have me some free fun!

We had such a great weekend! Not only did we have a lot of fun with friends but everything we did was absolutely free and if you ask me things don't get any better. On Friday we started off the weekend by going to Mesquite pool(I think that is the name) but it is such a fun pool equiped with a lazy river, slides, you name it. It is great pool to take your kids to but it's also fun for a date night. They have free swim every Friday night. Then we strolled down to Chick fila, it was cow appreciation day and all we had to was dress like a cow for a free meal. It's pretty funny what people will do for a $5.oo free meal. Thanks for the great idea Melissa! Oh and a special thanks to Mike's mom for free babysitting. We really appreciate you and Austin for always wanting to watch the kids. You are the best!

Saturday night we triple dated it up with the Smiths, their son Tanner and Kennidi. We had fun at the Dbacks game which they actually won. I don't follow baseball or any sport really but I guess they stink this year so all they needed was their number one fan (Mike). Thanks to an attorney at Mike's work for the tickets!

These two were ment for eachother. Tanner is five days older than Kennidi. I think they had a great well chaporoned first date.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Goodbye June HELLO July!

June was a month that was filled with buissiness and chaos. I'm really excited for July because it is going to be full of relaxing and family vacations. We started out the month camping at Woods Canyon Lake. This was our first camping experience with both kids. It was a success, our kids loved being outdoors. They enjoyed riding in this buggy behind a bike. We had to pry Parker out of this thing because that is what he wanted to do all day long.
I spent part of July watching my neice and newphew. This was literally what happend all day. Parker was constantly trying to kiss Waverly. I'm pretty sure he is not going to deal with rejection well when he is older because he would try and kiss her like 100 times and eventually she would get annoyed. She would start turning away refusing his kisses and then he would push her. Believe me I had my eye on my little bully. He really is a sweet boy but for some reason he was obsessed with bugging cute little Wavy.
These two were best friends/enimes. Laetner loved playing with Parker but when he pushed his little sister it was all over. From then on he was always watching him making sure he was nice. He is such a good protective big brother. My little girl is no longer a newborn. She is already 5 months old. Make it stop. They grow up way too fast.
We also watched my other two neices the last week of July. I didn't bring my camera so I didn't get pictures, but we had a lot of fun swimming everyday. Kailah and Ashley were so helpful and the kids loved playing together.
We started a tradition of camping and then going to the Heber fireworks every 4th of July. This year the camping fell through so we drove up for the day with Mike's family at 4:30 in the morning. We spent the day at Woods Canyon Lake. We played games and went on walks to keep ourselves busy till it was time for the fireworks.
This is right before the fireworks started. Everyone was happy and excited. As soon as they started that's when things went downhill fast. We thought for sure Parker would love the fireworks this year. Wrong! He didn't mind them at first but then he started clinging to me and was refusing to watch them. I think part of the reason he was scared was because if you've ever been to the Heber fireworks you know that it is super loud because you are laying on a baseball field and they are right above you. I definitely recomend going up there. It's beautiful and great weather, just make sure you bring ear plugs for your kids!