Friday, May 22, 2009

YAHOO For School!

YAHOO for Mike! Last Thursday Mike graduated from ASU with his accounting degree. I'm so proud of him. For the last four years he has been going to school and working full time to support our family. He has worked so hard, he is one amazing guy! I'm so excited that he is finally finished because now he will be home at regular times and we will see so much more of him.Our future graduate in the making. Kennidi was at the graduation too but was sleeping so we didn't get a goood shot of the whole family.
Thanks to both of our parents and Doug who came and supported Mike on his special day.
Last week we went to Sedona for a weekend getaway to celebrate. We had a lot of fun swimming and walking down the main street. I guess the kids were not cut out for all the fun. Oh and I made an important life decison on Kennidi's behalf. I buzzed her head. I know what your thinking how could I do that to my little girl. Believe me I was tramatized after we did it, but things are good now and I'm very happy. As you can see I did her a personal favor because she was barley clinging to some pieces on top and she had a full set of hair on the bottom. It's not like I buzzed off her gorgeous locks,her hair was pretty sad and I knew eventually it would all fall out. So I figured lets start this hair growing process sooner than later.
The same exact thing happend with Parker and we buzzed his head. Within about three months his hair started growing back thick and lusterious.

So hopefully her hair will do the same. If not I'm confident that she can rock her GI Jane hairdo.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I had Mike take this picture when I got home so that I will always remember this momentous occasion. This is me atempting to be hardcore.I have always wanted to be one of those girls that goes running because she enjoys it because I know it is the best thing for you. Well I am just not that girl (yet). I seriously don't remember a time that I have ever just gone out for a jog for fun. I would way rather do pilates or lift weights, anything but run. Well about a month ago this all changed when I decided to head down to the track. I figured that every girl in the world could learn to enjoy running, why couldn't I. To make a long story short I have never been able to run a mile without stopping in my entire life. Pathetic I know. Even in my good old Toro cheer days when J DUB Wheeler was whipping me into shape I couldn't. My endurance is just terrible. I would way rather run a ton of sprints then run long distance. Well my friends last night was the night that I conquered the dreaded mile! Yahhh baby!! Really I know what your thinking it's just a mile no big deal but you have no idea how proud I am of myself. I never thought I could. The thing that stinks is that now I know I can never go back, I will always have to atleast run a mile or I will feel that I'm not progressing. So for any of you runners out there that have any tips for me to continue my quest, please do share! And for all you girls that hate running there is hope for you, believe me if I can ANYBODY can. 1 mile down...Watch out New York Marathon here I come! haha!