Monday, April 27, 2009

Beauty is Pain

This past weekend we went down to Claires and got Kennidi's ears pierced. This has been the day that Mike has been waiting for since she was born. Seriously he was the one who planned everything. He was so excited. It's funny because when people find out we pierced her ears, immediately they say, "Mike was ok with this." He was the mastermind. But I have always wanted to get my little babies ears pierced too so it worked out nicely. I'm glad we did at 3 months because she is less likely to get an infection because she never touches her ears.The victims: My two nieces Lainee, Waverly and Kennidi. Thanks Julie for joining the party it was a lot of fun doing it all together. All the girls were troopers.
I'm pretty sure by my beautiful facial expression that I felt more pain then she did.
She did great, she cried for about a minute and then she was over it. I love them! It just makes her look so much more girly. Definitely worth it. Meanwhile Parker was enjoying some fishies in the corner.
What a ladies man!
Other things that we have been up to.... We took our next door neighbors to the Easter Pagent this year and it was an awesome experience. We are so lucky to have such friendly neighbors. Parker loves going to their house and playing with their little girls.

It doesn't look like it but it was freakishly cold that night. We are just happy it didn't rain on us. I love the Easter Pagent but it is hard to enjoy it with little kids. Parker wanted to get up and dance and put on a show for everyone the whole time. So it was difficult restraining him.

I can't believe this little girl is almost 3 months. Wow how time flys! She is starting to like being in her bumbo. Also she pretty much changed her personality completely. She is not so high maintence anymore, which is great for me to be able to get other things done. Yahooo!

Parker is slowly mastering the skill of eating with a spoon. I should of started this with him sooner but I'm a neat freak and for me it was so much easier to feed him then for him to make a huge mess. But I need to get over things like that plus it keeps him occupied.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Blessing Day!!

Last Sunday Mike gave Kennidi a very sweet blessing. It was a very special day. I love baby blessings as it is but when it is your own child it is pretty amazing! Thanks to all of our familiy who came. We are so lucky to have both families so close by. We had a breakfast at our house afterwards. It was yummy. Thanks to both moms for helping out with the crepes.I even made cinnamon rolls for the first time. I was was pretty proud of myself. I'm growing up so fast. Our sweet smiley girl