Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Good times

Well I have only two weeks left before Kennidi gets here. We are getting really excited for a new addition to our family. I'm trying to prepare Parker for this huge adjustment, but honestly how do you prepare a 15 month old. So it should be an interesting change, but I am up for the challange. Last week some friends threw a shower for me. It was a lot of fun and lets just say all the precious girl clothes got me even more excited for her to come. I such a loser when I got home from the shower I just sat and laid out all the clothes and matched them with different head bands. It was great fun. This is Parker and I at YC's where the shower was. I'm so sad that I didn't get a group picture though. Thanks girls!!
Ahh.. Our fabulous Christmas sweaters. I force Mike into the same sweater every year. We have had these since we have been married thanks to Emily who threw our first Ugly sweater party. This year the challage was finding one for Parker to wear. Its not quite a sweater but a sweater vest should get the job done right?
Parker showing off Mikes candy train. Ok so we make candy trains every year with my family and of course Mike has to pull off something outrageous every year. This year he decided to make a full on santa tourture train. I know it sounds terrible and it was. But you've got to give the guy credit it was very original and creative. I wish I had a closer shot but he had about 5 differnt santas either being ran over by the train, cut up in pieces, or being poked through with tooth picks. It really was so funny. But its not a tradition that he will be passing on to Parker or anything.
Parker loved his Christmas present this year. Mike thought he would love this little slide playhouse thing and he did. It was really cute he would take toys up it and just hang out in it and slide down every possible way imaginable. It keeps him occupied so I love it too!
Here is Mike with his brothers and brother in law. I had to post this pic because I thought it was so funny. If you don't know Mike's brothers they are even stranger than he is. I mean that in the nicest way of course. But his brother Doug made these necklaces for all the boys. He got the Cadillac and Chrysler symbols from a salvage yard and put them on a heavy chain. They thought they were pretty hardcore on Christmas day.
Temple lights in the freezy cold weather.