Thursday, October 30, 2008

Three Years Ago...

Oh how I miss the good old days of being tan and 19. But hey being pasty and 7 months pregnant isn't so bad either. All jokes aside, I'm really happy with where my life has taken me. So yeah Mike and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary last week and its crazy to think how fast 3 years flew by. Its been a great three years filled with some tough times but for the most part Mike and I have the best time together. I don't know anyone who can make me laugh as hard as he does. I love his weird sense of humor that only a select few get. He is an amazing husband and father and I feel so lucky to be married to him. He made our anniversary really special. I told him that I didn't care what we did I just wanted it to be a suprise. He picked me up in the afternoon and blind folded me so I had no idea where we were going. We ended up in Scottsdale at a resort and I was totally shocked because it was the middle of the week and he has work and because Parker was at my mother in laws and I have never been away from him at night. It was nice having a night by ourselves. But it was weird waking up and not seeing Parker. Everything went perfect but he still owes me one thing. We didn't get to watch my favorite video, our wedding video. Its a tradition that we have every anniversary. He pretends to dread watching it again and I get to fall in love all over again. Haha! Its the best!

Meet Zorro...
I had such a fun time dressing Parker up this year for Halloween. With help from both my mom and Mikes we made this adorable costume. It was so funny to watch him cause usually he is all smiles and goofy but when we put him in this outfit he would get so serious. Its as if he knew the role of Zorro too well.
My good friend Kelly came with me to my ward Halloween party and brought her adorable pirate of a son Brecken. I swear these two are long lost brothers. I think they look a lot alike.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

My little Cowboy is One!

I seriously can't believe that it has already been a year. It's true kids grow up so fast. It has been a fun and entertaining year. We love Parker so much and he brings so much love into our home. Well we had a little birthday bash for him this week. Nothing too big just family. It was so much fun it was cowboy themed because.. well actually I don't know why I just thought it would be cute. Everything turned out great. I had a lot of help from both my mom and Mike's.We had some good grub and fun games for the kids. I hope he will treasure this party forever. Ha I know he won't remember it at all but I had a lot of fun planning it out.

We had a stick horse relay race. It was fun to watch all the kids hop around on the horses.
Of course we had to atleast try to get the toddlers involved.(Didn't really work)

This is me attempting to get all my neices and nephews attention for games. Is anybody listening to me?? My sister in law made the cutest cowboy cake in the world. I don't know how she whipped this up so beautifully. I'm not suprised though because she is pretty crafty. Thanks Julie! I loved it! It was perfect size for Parker.
It was funny I thought for sure he would go to town on his cake but he just kinda sat there and played with it. I don't think he realized it was a cake because it really looked like a teddy bear.Eventually he got the hang of things.