Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Number two is on its way!!!

Parker's life long dream is coming true he will soon be a big brother! That's right folks I'm pregnant again. We knew we wanted to have our next baby really close to Parker and it turns out they will be closer than we thought. Before I had my ultra-sound we thought for sure that I was around ten weeks well I found out monday that I am actually 15 weeks along. So that was pretty much the best news ever. One less month of throwing up. Yahhh!!! Really we are so excited for this new baby to come and for Parker to have best friend. They will be 16 months apart. My due date is Jan. 27th. Parker loved showing off his super cool onsie that let our family and friends know that he would be a big brother. I had the big reveal for some friends at lunch yesterday.. It was fun seeing a lot of the girls that I hadn't seen in a long time. Oh and it was so funny how many of us girls have young babies. We certainly stood out in the Red Robin.