Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I was tagged by Kelly. Sorry it took so long and sorry about the weird format I couldn't get it to look normal. It was all spaced out really big.

10 years ago...I was in the 6th grade at MacArthur Elementary. I'm sure I was spying on Chase Crowley with all of my friends. He was the hottie in our grade. I was definitely in the most awkward stage of my life. I was fully developed and taller than everyone. Pretty much the size I am right now is the exact size I was when I was 12. It was really embarrassing!

5 things on my to-do list tomorrow.....Try to convince Parker that rice cereal is delicious.-Work on the exciting medical charts that I do from home. -Start working on painting another room in our house.- Make shepards pie for the first time. Mike loves this recipe so hopefully I will too. I'm nervous!-Start packing for the cabin because we are going up this weekend with my famiy to watch conference.

4 things I would do if I was a billionaire... Travel all around the world and for sure go to Australia so Mike can show me where he served his mission.-Buy Mike his dream wakeboarding boat, a Mastercraft X Star.-Hire a personal trainer to whip me into shape everyday. -Donate money to different charities.

3 bad habbits...
- Whenever I eat sunflower seeds which is not very often. I eat the entire seed and everyone that watches me thinks I'm disgusting. What can I say I like the taste. Plus it takes too long to just eat the seed. -I started correcting Mike's grammar just to be funny because my mom would always do that to us growing up. Now it's just a habbit. It drives him crazy.-Everytime I sneeze I hold it in. I really don't mean to do it but that is what I have always done.

4 places that I have lived...
-Mesa, AZ/Laie, Hawaii/Tempe, AZ/Gilbert, AZ

5 jobs that I have had....-Babysitter/Charlestons professional server/Sanitary technitcian(janitor) for Dad's office/Scapbooker for my mom once a week/Medical chart worker

6 things most people don't know about me....I love to sing and dance for Parker every morning to watch his face light up and watch him laugh.-I could literally eat a turkey and avocado sandwich everyday for the rest of my life.-I'm slowly becoming more and more like my mom everyday. I make dinner for Mike everynight that he is home. I listen to books on tape while I'm working. She even has me listening to Rush Limbaugh in the mornings(sometimes).-I hate running. I wish I loved it( maybe someday). But I try to go rollerbladding some nights so I can get some kind of cardio. I look like a twelve year old girl. But I love it! I'm looking for a partner if anyone wants to join in on the fun.-I'm pretty sure I am OCD about keeping our new house clean. I don't know why I care so much, I wasn't this bad when we lived in our condo but now I'm a freak.- If my face looks familar, it's because I have been on America's Funniest Videos. haha! But my mom really sent in a video of me when I was six and I am convinced we didn't win because they butcherd my tape.

I tag Britt, Whitney, Kacie, Brianna and Cathy.

I havn't posted in a while so I had to throw in some pictures of Parker.

He is 6 months old already. Happy late Easter!! I love his bunny ears. He is so festive!

Here is Parker with some of his friends Nolan, Cayden and Laynie playing at our house yesterday.

Parker loves hanging out with Uncle Mark

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring Break Baby!!

Every year since before I was even born my entire family always goes to Rocky Point for Spring break. I have had many experiences down there including the time when I was viciously attacked by a giant octopus when I was six years old. True story! Just don't ask Mike, Brittany or Briley who believe otherwise. Anyways this time we were only able to go for the weekend because of Mike's work, but it's always worth it. Plus it was Parker's first trip to the beach. He absolutely loved it! This is one of my favorite vacations because I love spending time with family, laying on the beach, and eating delicious food. This year our friends Chris, Melissa and baby Tate joined in on the fun. We had a great time! I can't wait for next year.
These big boys owned the beach! Long live the famous midnight taco runs. Yummy!!
Our sandman, he loved playing in the sand as you can tell by his face.
Please forgive my extremely pasty body, I obviously did not get enough time on the beach.

Monday, March 3, 2008

New Tricks

On Friday Parker turned five months and he started rolling from his back to his stomach so Mike thought that we needed to reward him and get him a cool toy. So we got him this very colorful exersaucer, and not just any exersaucer it had to be the Baby Einstein one. Mike spoils him so much. I got to admit though he looks really cute in it. When we put him in it he was so excited he couldn't focus on one toy he just kept reaching and turning for everything.
He loves chewing on his feet and sucking on his big toe. It is so funny to watch.
He looks so uncomfortable and akward but he can sit up if he balances with his hands.
Oooohh! Look at me I can sit up all by myself!
Every time Mike and I are drinking something he always reaches for our cup and puts it up to his mouth. It's really cute that he knows what to do. It is amazing what babies can pick up from watching everyone. Oh and the poor kid wants to eat real food so bad. He seriously salivates watching us eat dinner. I really don't want to start him on baby food yet but I don't know how much longer I can hold him off. Any suggestions for when I do start??
Howdy partner! He loves playing with this bib for some reason. Thanks Melissa he really loves it. And yes we did buzz his head. His gorgeous dark hair was all falling out but he was still clinging on to a few peices here and there, so we figured what the heck lets buzz it all off so it grows in evenly. I'm so glad we did because it's already growing back. Yahhh!!!