Monday, December 4, 2017

Rock Climbing is My Jam

Just a couple of die hard fans... Mike can never miss a premier of a Pirates movie. I actually stayed up for most of it so that is a good sign. I have the hardest time staying awake during late movies. Its a real problem.
We love rock climbing and going with friends is always an added bonus. Such a fun date night.
Afterwards we hit up some yummy dinner in Phoenix.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Turkey Performance

We loved watching Pierce perform in his 1st Grade Thanksgiving Performance.  Pierce is a natural born performer and is very fun to watch.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Kenndi Soccer

Kennidi decided to go soccer again this year and I love that she gets to play with the same group of girls. Camille is an awesome coach and these girls get better every season.
Cutest group of tough girls!

Kennidi's new favorite spot. You can find her here every night reading. I love this smart girl!

Baseball Season

Parker had an awesome season. His team was full of really talented boys and Parker fit right in. He played again on Jesse Moran's team. We really loved him as a coach and he love Parker. He was always super helpful and really wanted Parker to succeed.
It was fun when Parker played against his good friend Jensen.

His team made it all the way to the Championship game and they almost won but the dreaded Grey team beat them again. I swear we almost beat this team every time we played them but somehow they managed to steal the win. So proud of Parker. He had a great season.

My other baseball obsessed boy.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Halloween 2017

Cleopatra's security game is strong with her 3 trusty ninjas by her side.

Our juicy western bacon cheeseburger will make you rethink your macros. I love that Parker has a fun corky personality and thought this costume was awesome.
Heavenly Father knew I needed a Halloween miracle in my life with all the craziness of moving and birthdays. I literally went to Once Upon a Child and miraculously I found each kid a costume they would love and they were all the right sizes. I mean how does that happen? When I found all of these costumes I knew I had to buy them and hope for the best that all the kids loved them, and they did. It was the easiest Halloween's to date and I think they all turned out so cute!

Fischbeck Halloween get together

These two took kissing cousins to a whole new meaning. It was cute watching Linkin and Lacey go after the same donut.
Adamson Family Party
Our trick or treating crew. This is second year we have gone with the Daniels and Doug and Breanna.
These two love each other. They are such cute cousins.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

12 Years of Wedded Bliss

This picture reminds me of a couple things. 1. I miss being tan and wearing Hollister. 2. I'm not carefree on a beach in Hawaii anymore. There is only one thing I haven't had to give up and that's this guy. He is keeper in every possible way. We celebrated 12 years of marriage by moving all day long.  Even though it wasn't the most fun or romantic anniversary, no matter what Mike always makes things better. No one I'd rather spend eternity with. He is my favorite and I'm so grateful for him.
We did get to go out to dinner that night. The Daniels joined us. It was a really fun night! We went to Firebirds for the first time and now that is one of our all time favorites. Their lobster queso and blue cheese filet and crème brulee cheesecake are to die for.

Mike informed our waitress that we were celebrating 12 days of marriage. Classic Michael!

Monday, October 23, 2017

Sawyer is Three!

This little face gets me everytime. This picture captures his sweetness perfectly. His tender heart and high pitched voice are my favorite. He is very sensitive to other people's feeling. When he sees anyone crying he is always very concerned. I want to store his cute little voice in a time capsule so I can listen to it always. He is happiest when fully accessorized with a hat, watch, his brothers baseball cleats and batting gloves. More is always more with this boy. We all can't get enough of this boy.

We knew this accessory loving boy would love a SWAT costume for his B Day. We were right.
He wanted a Cars party and I was super happy how this cake turned out. One of my favorites.
His party was right during our move so we had it at our soon to rental. We had slowing started moving things over so we had some toys for the kids to play with. Really they just ran around in the backyard and we had some car races. Cute group of friends. Preston, Emery, Hayden, Spencer, Adalie, Cooley, Tripp and Lola

This is how you can find Sawyer most mornings.  Sawyer is one of the most independent 3 year old on the history of the earth. He wants to do everything by himself and he does. He gets his own clothes, dresses himself, brushes his own teeth. The list goes on and on.
Such a baby lover! He has always been so fond of babies. He is really nurturing.